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Monday, 28 January 2013

Willis Earl Beal

Very often it is difficult to convey what it is that I love about music.
How do you describe something that just hits you in the gut, that can knock the wind from you, but at the same time can lift the hairs on your neck and plasters a smile on your face.
Is it really possible to put into words why a song can transport you to another place, or snatch a memory from the past that will bring a lump to your throat, a tear to your eye or lift your spirits from the depths of despair until it genuinely feels that you can feel the heat of the sun on your face.
You can try and get it down on paper, hammer it out on a computer screen, but nothing comes close to the reality of how it can be a catalyst to a biological and chemical surge of energy, memories, and more that swirls around inside your head and reaches out to the very extremities of your body.
It's even better when it comes upon you just as you weren't expecting it.
Right at that moment when the needle settles into the groove, the singer lets the song loose on an audience, when you click play on whatever it is that you have from a computer to a tape deck and not forgetting all the mp3 players.
Or in my case today when I clicked on a link and watched this.
Just watch this and then you will possibly see what I mean.
Words don't really cover this and I don't actually have a clue who this is.

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