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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The God Damn Whores - Heya Heya Heya Heya Ho!

With a cheeky nod to Adam Ants burundi drumming on the opening track the God Damn Whores are back with a burst of glam influenced guitar driven mentalness, and by the time Jon Poole leads his band of merry warriors into Mundane and Beautiful it sounds like he's sprinkling some fairy dust over Paul Weller's take on the Kinks David Watts, and in doing so forcing the modfather into some stack soled bovver boots and a tinfoil tabard.
From then on in listening to the album is akin to being tossed about a sea of influences, and all you can do is cling to the life raft and hope that at some point sanity will prevail.
The pictures in my head that accompany this are a mix of the animation of the Yellow Submarine and what Terry Gilliam brought to the Python table.
A blue meanie with Kitchener's face is is pointing at you and screaming that he wants to be in your gang, your gang, your gang.
How good is that?
Or does that just appeal to me?
It's been a long time since Jon Poole has given some attention to his God Damn Whores, but it's been worth the wait.
Fingers crossed that he will take this deranged madness on the road and warp reality wherever they gig.
I'd be up for a slice of that 3.14159265359.

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