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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Burn Muthaf***er Burn

The news that Primal Scream are going to headline the Wickerman festival is starting to sink in.
It's certainly a coup for the organizers, and full credit has to go to them for securing an iconic Scottish band over an act that is flying under the 'latest thing' flag.
In a world that seems intent on giving the public what most music fans would consider to be lowest common denominator pap it is wildly refreshing to see a festival choosing artistic worth over current record sales.
Go Wickerman.
While some other Scottish festivals may carry on aiming to meet the the populist demand - while adding a token appearance of a quality act with some solid rock and roll credentials to spin a claim of being relevant to all - it will be the Wickerman that will go from strength to strength if they maintain the quality bar at this height.
Once the lights go down on Primal Scream on the Friday night the throng in attendance will know that they have seen a show that they can tell their grand-kids about, and that's what a festival should be all about.
That wouldn't be the case if the headline slot was taken by one of the many here today and gone tomorrow stars.

While there will no doubt be some professional devils advocates out there who will bemoan the headlining status I would advocate 'flinging them a deafy' as Primal Scream are thee festival headlining band.
This is a band who could be described as the last of the great rock bands in the grand tradition of all that means.
There's already been a few unsupported rumours of the set being a Screamadelica one, but personally I hope not.
For the occasion the band should do their full on balls out hits set with a few surprises thrown in.
An MC5 cover or an appearance from Wayne Kramer would not just make my day, but maybe my year.

As a regular attendee of the festival I think I can safely say that this is the year that all the work in laying a solid foundation over the long term is going to payi the people behind this dividends.
This is the year that the Wickerman steps up to the big leagues.

The big boys better watch their backs.

(Coincidently I think I am days away from retrieving last years Wickerman review along with interviews with Willie Dick and Gary Sunshine. They are the the trio of updates that IT gremlins snatched away many moons ago. So no promises, but last years news – and the interviews - could finally get an airing)

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