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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob

The image in my head is of top of the pops circa 1981.
There's barely a nod of the head to the pop indie credentials that they have garnered over the years, and truth be known this wouldn't sound out of place squeezed between Bucks Fizz making their mind up and Kim Wilde with her kids from America.
This is Tegan and Sara doing some rather poor choreographed dance moves in front of an audience of girls who are still clinging onto Purdey haircuts, and guys who consider that a sharp suit has to be tailored in a metallic fabric.
If it's supposed to be a homage to that era then they have done a fantastic job in emulating the shiny gloss blandness of it all.
The only thing that seems to reach out and jars with the time is the inclusion of synthesisers that sound like they want to break loose and run free into the arms of Axel Foley.
'How come you don't want me now' is about the most modern sounding song on the album.
Unfortunately it also sounds like they stole it from the wheely bin outside Robyn's flat.
Of course this is the sort of thing that they have been doing for a while but the regurgitating of the past always had a bit of something else to it.
A bit of attitude maybe, but that's not apparent on 'Heartthrob' at all.
All I can hear is eighties pop given a little polish for the present day chart shows.
Heavy rotation is just around the corner I suspect.
Oh dear.
Can we survive it?

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