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Friday, 25 January 2013


Currently I'm not accepting comments on the blog.
The reason being that it has been attracting the attention of one individual and I am not comfortable in giving them a platform to air their views.
So far the anonymous route has been done to death by them, a few assumed names have been tried, and a last ditch attempt was made where they attempted to get comments upped by using names of people that have previously commented.
Blogger has no function for blocking IP addresses so as it is difficult to tell who is actually posting, and I don't want to let any slip through from this person, I have sadly taken the decision to just leave the comments section alone for a few weeks, or until the matter is resolved.

It's a great shame that it has come to this as once again the behaviour of a minority is having an impact on the majority.

Over on facebook there's a itsaxxxxthing page and comments can be made on that. 

itsaXXXXthing on facebook.

Update : 29/01/13
Opened the blog for comments, but unfortunately the same problems were encountered.
The settings of the blog have now been changed and registered readers can comment.
Otherwise it's facebook as mentioned or not at all.

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