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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Friction Burns Jam Fest : The Alternative Burns Supper

Our national bard, none other than Robert 'Rabbie' Burns has been partially hijacked over the years by the tartan trousered upper classes.
Well that's what I think.
Once a man of the people, he has been dragged into the dining rooms of the gentrified and cleaned up to an extent.
Made more palatable for refined tastes so to speak.
This is something that annoys me.
Or in words that Rabbie would probably use if he was around just now.
'It fair gets oan ma tits, this stealing of ma hits.'
My ire at it whispers away in some small corner of my mind and the voice will not be silenced.
I don't want to take him away from those with their silver spoons and keep him for the people who are loosely described as the working classes, but instead I want him shared about a bit.
We should be encouraging people not to see Rabbie as someone who exists at a dinner table once a year for the entertainment of a certain few, but as a historical figure who embraced the world around him inclusively.

Thankfully I'm not the only person to think this, and now for the third year running we are getting the Friction Burns Jam Fest : The Alternative Burns Supper in Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

On the night those who attend can expect a rather anarchic menu of talent.
Spoken word to hip hop collaborations, some rock music with a twist, some laughs.
A wee glass of whisky, and even mince and tatties included in the price that is more a wink than a nod at the traditional, and of course there will also be guaranteed a firm dollop of madness included.

As a fiver a skull there's pretty much no reason at all why you shouldn't get along and help with wrestling the bard away from the folk wae thon cut glass accents.
Even if it is just for the night.
After all there's enough of him to go around.

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