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Friday, 25 January 2013

It Girl - Neon Signs

If Factory Records had a branch set up in Glasgow, with the pre 'Sparkle in the Rain' Simple Minds being asked to run it, then 'It Girl' would probably be sound of the Clydeside based label.
They have all the signature sounds of the bands who clawed their way to national attention from the industrial landscape of Manchester, and the additional attraction of maintaining some Scottish roots via the swirling guitars that are layered over the seven tracks that are on their debut.
'Your mother and I' especially sounds like Joy Division meets Big Country, but 'Neon Girl' is far more than a spot the influences debut.
(Although you can have fun doing that as you pick out a bit of Wire here and some GO4 there.)
Instead it strangely feels like music of the moment, and that's probably partially to do with the era we are living in and how it resembles the times when the first post punk bands started to chronicle the world about them in shades of grey, jagged guitar strokes and an exploration of the synthesizer.
Austerity, cuts and social unrest need a soundtrack just as much as a lazy golden summer does, and it sounds like 'It Girl' are looking to supply it.

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