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Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Bronx - IV

I've mentioned before how late I was in coming to the party that The Bronx were throwing, but better late than never as they say, and while I've been nibbling at bits from their first three albums - and blatantly enjoying the snack sized bites - this is the first time that I feel that I can really get my teeth into something that they have released.
It's little wonder that I am enjoying it so much as the album is awash with Hives styled garage rock and roll and Turbenegro's take on debauched street level glam punk.
Just the sort of thing that gets my blood pumping.
Equally the band aren't straying too far away from the hardcore sound that they have been known for either.
So older fans aren't likely to have a hissy fit over the ramalama that's going on.
I'd guess that somebody somewhere is listening to this and rightly thinking 'awesome'.
I know of at least one person.
From the start, and with barely any let up throughout, the rasping urgency of the vocals lead the throbbing beast that the band are, and once again I'm clutching at why I had such a reluctance to give them some headspace previously.
It's as if my previous view of them was blighted my own inability to see the whole picture.
Apart from 'Life less ordinary' and some touches on 'Torches' where the band shifts down a gear to show that they can offer something a little less frantic, the albums needle mainly hovers in the red with swirling guitars and a full on foot pushed down hard on the pedal sprint for the finish line that takes them there at turbo speed.
Now that I think about it I can hear a real International Noise Conspiracy vibe going on to.
That's not something that I would complain about, and it certainly wouldn't have me reaching for the skip button either.
Of course any opinion is a subjective one, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's their best yet.
They better tour the UK with it.


  1. Playing the Garage on the 16th Feb Mainy.

  2. Another one I'll have to try and get to.
    I have seen them.
    I think it was supporting someone in the Barras, but who it was is sitting just out of my memories grasp.
    You coming down for the Misfits gig.
    I've got a gig on that night, but if you are we can meet up for a quick pint.

  3. No, I'm nae really a fan. My next visit to Glesga will be for the Eels in March. Me and Mick seeing Ruts DC in Dundee on the Sunda and then pushing of to the Academy on the Monday.

  4. Might have a wee surprise for Mick and you for Sept.
    Nothing confirmed yet, but the foots in the door to an extent.