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Monday, 28 January 2013

The Strokes - One way trigger

I've went back to this a few times over the course of four days now and I have given it as much attention as it deserves, probably more.
The legendary status of the band will no doubt be encouraging others to do likewise to.
The idea being that if we all keep listening to it then at some point it will reveals its genius.
I wish I had saved myself some time and just wrote it off on first listen as I initially thought I should, but no, I kept looking for that elusive hook.
Something that I could latch onto and feel that I understood where they were coming from with it, and maybe where they were going.
I doubt I would have given the same amount of time if it was a demo sent through from a previously unheard of band, and that's blatantly unfair on my part.
The Strokes name in itself had me picking at it and thinking that I must be missing something.
I now no longer think I have.
It's the emperors new clothes all over again.
There's been many voices raised in defence of the track.
Some giving it the lukewarm 'it's not as bad as people are saying' and other claiming the naysayers 'just don't get it', but really?
I mean really?
Is this the sound of the mighty Strokes?
Now don't get me wrong though, that it doesn't initially sound like what many would expect has no bearing on whether I am impressed or not.
The band can explore any musical avenues that they wish, and I will approach each and every song with an open ear, so my lack of interest in this has nothing to do with the band straying away from a certain sound, and far more to do with my strongly held opinion that it really isn't up to much at all.
I sincerely doubt many would jump to claim it was a great track if it was from an unsigned band who were yet to have a back catalogue that it could be held in comparison to.
It would more than likely be dismissed with at the most a grudging acceptance that maybe there was something in it, but the band would have to go back and try a bit harder.
Of course some people genuinely like it.
I have no idea why though.
It's all subjective after all.
It's just that for me it's akin to a nostalgic look at the eighties with a twist, but a very poor one.

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  1. Like the pistols,even if they released a single of people farting it would sell,they're status is secured,aint it?