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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Pay it forward 2013

Yesterday I seen an interesting post on facebook.
It was from Tristan Tipping of Clubhouse Records.
He had upped a small message stating that he would provide a gift to the first five people to like his status.
A gift that would be given at random at some point over the next twelve months.
As with anything like this there is however a catch.
It's that the five people who liked his status must post the same message.
I'm sure most would agree that it's a positive catch.

Now of course some people will consider that there's no need to go out of their way to buy a gift for someone that they may barely know, but that's not really what is being said here.
The gift can be a book passed on, a kind word in a card, or anything else that springs to mind.
The more imaginative the better.
It needn't cost anything other than possibly the postage.
If even that.
Here is the opportunity for the thought that counts to be promoted far and wide.
In joining in everyone is really doing more than just sending a present to another.
The whole concept could lead to old friendships being rekindled, new ones being built, a friend being lifted out of the rut they are in and more.
So much more really

If others want to participate then post this on the social networking site of their choice.

2013 creative pay-it-forward.
The first five people to like this status will receive a present from me at some point over the next twelve months.
It could be anything at all.
There will be no warning and it will happen when the mood strikes me.
The catch is that those five people must post the same as their facebook status

Obviously this can all fall apart if someone considers it acceptable to take a gift, but not pass any on.
Shame on them, but I'm willing to take that risk, and I already have my five people who have joined me in this.
Why don't you give it a go?

It would also be interesting to see how it works out.
So people please feel free to post a comment about how you are getting on with this and then we can all share in the goodwill being spread.

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