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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Jim Dead - I'm not lost

Jim Dead has the American folk blues.
It's not that he's depressed thinking about our colonial cousins, but instead that he's picked up on the country trails, the swirling mud of the Mississippi, and the vast expanse of the desert skies and can't shake it.
That he has written this album under the slate grey, and often rain dispensing, clouds of the west of Scotland is as impressive as it is strange.
He hasn't just been able to mentally transport himself to the other side of the world to write his music either, because now that it has been birthed he is also looking to give you a ticket so that you can join him on his journey.
All you have to do is close your eyes and listen.
Then as if by magic you are there with him.
A stranger in a strange land emulating their customs to such a degree that you can't see where the join is in the fabric.
Quite simply put 'I'm not lost' is on par with anything that comes out of the states with the authentic tag attached to it.
While the genre itself has spread far and wide, and it isn't unusual for artists from all over the world to dip their toe into the americana sound, it is maybe still that wee bit rare for it to be done in this apparently effortless fashion.
Rock solid from start to finish.
A Celtic Connections star in waiting for sure.

Jim Dead Website.

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  1. You can pre-order and hear a track from the EP here: