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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Time for a cuppa.

Very often this blog receives some rather strange anonymous comments
They range from threats to nonsensical paranoid rants.
I've spoken about these comments here and there since the blog started.
Some of the comments have been shared and others have made the journey to the recycle bin, and then onto who knows where after that.
All come from angry people, some are sad and some are funny, but in general I have come to the conclusion that most, but not all of course, are clear indicators of the writers mental health.
They are short and sharp snapshots of how they view the world at that very moment in time.
They are angry, upset and lashing out.
Maybe the comments could be construed as cries for help.
Of course they wouldn't consider that to be the case at all, but as they are attempting to rant on a blog that has a public audience I suppose we could all accept that they are looking for a reaction.
So subconsciously they want to engage in some way.
I really don't want anyone to misconstrue what I am saying here.
I'm not talking about individuals disagreeing with me and coaching a response in a reasoned and logical manner.
That's fine, and I will always have time to respond to that sort of response to an update, even if it is anonymous, but what I am talking about here is the outpouring of bile, as mentioned paranoid delusions, and very poor attempts to create disharmony between people where there is little or none.

A few days ago I had one closely followed by another.
The first was a general dig at the blog, and the second an admonishment of the dig that included a name that would indicate that they knew who the original poster was.

Immediately the question must be asked how they would know who the initial poster was as at that point both comments were languishing in my inbox and hadn't been made public.
So the logical conclusion is that both anonymous posts came from the same individual.

Initially I thought that it was a rather pathetic attempt from someone to draw attention to themselves and their loosely termed artistic endeavours.
After all it is a commonly held opinion that there's no such a thing as bad publicity, just publicity.

Then today I awoke to another missive.

The content of it may as well have been written in neon and left hovering above the contributors head as it very clearly says to me who it is due to past experiences/contact with them.
I wouldn't mention their name publicly because apart from not being able to substantiate the name beyond the shadow of a doubt I wouldn't actually do that to someone who is clearly going through a low ebb at this moment in time.
It would be the reality of kicking someone when they are down, and this is not an attack on them.

However I do feel that this needs to be made public because it brings me to something else.

That something else is about a social responsibility that we all have.
If any of us have a friend who is maybe behaving erratically and lashing out in some way or another, physically or verbally, then we should help.
Just like if we became aware that a close friend was self harming then we would advocate that they visit a professional, then I would urge others to similarly offer that advice when a mate divulges their participation in different behaviours that are a concern.
Even if that's them sharing that they have been indulging in delivering what is little more than manipulative hate mail.
There are consequences to their actions and a real friend would point that out to them.
I don't mean consequences like police involvement, but more so a decline in their mental health until they are seriously unwell.
An intervention is needed for their sake.

I consider that the person who is currently posting to this blog has lost a a certain degree of a grip on what can be construed as normal behaviour.
They are unwell.
They are seeing issues where there are none, attempting to create conflict where there is none, and in all honesty seeing the blog, and by extension of it myself, as a bogeyman that needs to be challenged.

If I was to upload the comments and share them the main response would be a query about their relevance to the posts that they are responding to as there is none.
None at all.

I sincerely hope that they have told a friend, or partner, about what they are doing and equally I sincerely hope that they are taking steps to either get them help, or are pushing them in the direction of seeking some additional support themselves.

I appreciate that some may wish to know who I am talking about, but I'll not be divulging that, and instead leave you with a thought.
If you think you know who it is based on something said by them, or this reminds you of someone that you know, then maybe it is time to have a word with them.

I'm not talking about people having a silly joke of course.
Let your own judgement guide you.

There's help out there.


  1. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 15:31

    Low ebb,we all have them at times x

  2. Of course.
    It's not so much having them than how we deal with them.

  3. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 15:47

    Low ebb as in sucidal or just a low ebb, my sister suffers from bad depression x

  4. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 15:50

    Some deal better than others and don't have outbursts on a blog x

  5. Both.
    It's a matter of getting the best help available as soon as required.
    A week or two of being stressed and feeling at a low ebb can lead to depression sinking its claws in and that can lead to suicide.
    Best for all concerned if people looked for help early and accepted it rather than pretending that everything is okay.

  6. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 15:57

    How do you know,maybe the person is pretending he or she is suicidal,it happens at times x

  7. Of course they do. Or do you mean outburst as in my blog update?

  8. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 16:00

    Outburst I mean lol x

  9. Who said anything about them claiming to be suicidal?

  10. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 16:06

    If you mentioned he/or she's name it wouldn't be kicking then down,maybe they would see it and come to their senses,and how can they be down due to an outburst on a blog,doesn't make sense at all, the person must be deluded x

  11. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 16:09

    I asked if they were that's all,especially if its a low ebb, they can do anything x

  12. shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright23 January 2013 at 16:18

    Off to work now I have a sleep over soon, bye mate x

  13. This is really going nowhere.

    Suspecting that I know who is posting is not the same as knowing.
    Therefore it would be unfair to state the name.
    Apart from that if they are dealing with some mental health issues as I suspect then naming them would do more harm than good.
    As said I would prefer if someone that they were close to and trusted used their judgement and provided them with help.

    Nowhere does it claim that they are down due to a comment on a blog.

  14. Im lost with the comments shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright.

  15. Been sent to this via a friend, what makes you think the person has mental health issues? I suppose we all live in a bubble,if its watching eastenders contiously or listening to music

  16. But threats?? There bad, why not do something about it? If its that bad,or are threats from someone else?

  17. This person who I believe has been sending anonymous comments has well recorded mental health issues.
    They have frequently mentioned them publicly
    There is nothing wrong with having a mental health issue though.
    I think it is very clear that I am not attacking anyone who is, or has been, struggling with them.

    This person has also admitted to sending messages in the past, and the ones I have at the moment are all in very a similar style to those. They are written in the same manner and mention certain subjects that this person seems fixated on.
    Unfortunately this blog seems to be something that draws this individuals attention when their mental health dips.
    On a few occasions I know that the reason that the messages have stopped is because the person who I think is attempting to post has been hospitalized.

    While I am happy to admit that I find their contact an annoyance, I wish them no harm and I would say again that (if) they are struggling then maybe they should seek help just now rather than later.

    I'm not really sure why this update has drawn this attention to itself.

    Basically it says that if anyone out there is feeling that times are hard then they should look for help and if someone considers that their friend is struggling then they should reach out and try and help them by guiding them towards some professional support.

    Everyone knows that there are GPs waiting to offer advice/treatment and I added two links to professional bodies.

  18. Similar to the posts from shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright it would maybe be best if a question was asked and a response was made before adding another William.

    To answer though.
    No there were no direct threats made.
    Instead there was an attempt to involve a third party negatively.
    This could have led to some issues.

  19. Hospitalized? That's a sad thing that is if she was hospitalized,as my friend was hospitalized for cancer and hated the experience

  20. You have more patience than me Mainy

  21. I just assumed it was a she as females seem to get depression more,children and post natal issues etc,I apologise if I got gender wrong

  22. I didn't say you did.
    I haven't been gender specific and I don't intend to be.

  23. Patience is a virtue Pete.
    I think the original post is clear enough.
    The clarifications in the replies aren't really adding anything else but instead reiterating what has already been said.
    Due to this I will bow out now as everything I wanted to say is there.
    I can only state the same thing so many times using different phrases.

  24. Do you think william tyndale and shewastheonlyonetolovehimupright are the same person. Looks like it to me.

  25. You're not the first to think so, and it seems probable doesn't it.
    All I can do is respond as far as I feel able to.
    There's a few more from William that would probably tip people closer to sealing the deal on it.
    It is entirely possible that there's only three people commenting on the blog. You, me and A N Other.

    In hindsight maybe I shouldn't have said anything as it has apparently been misinterpreted.

    Similarly the advice not to participate in any sort of communication with a certain type is probably rather solid advice.

    Oh well.

  26. Comments are no longer being accepted for this update.