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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tragic City Thieves - Bar Bloc - 19/05/12 - Glasgow

The future of rock and roll is not to be found on the cover of a magazine.
Neither will it be found on many of the summer festival tents.
Instead it will be found on any stage that Tragic City Thieves perform on.
It's been a while since I have seen the band play, and their much welcomed return to the live arena was far more exciting than even I had anticipated.
Before I would have classed them as the best sleazy glam rock band that the west coast of Scotland had ever spawned.
Now I'm going to take that back.
Instead they are the best that the UK has to offer.
(Well the best I have seen.)
The comment was made during their set that this is a band that shouldn't be playing at a bar and club level, and I fully endorse that view.
While the current Guns and Roses are looking for £50 per head for a show it is a fact that Tragic City Thieves would rag doll Axl and his pick up band from here to next week without breaking a sweat.
If they break a sweat then any big rock band you care to mention should shudder in fear.
You want the fire then here it is.
I could lavish so much praise on them that readers would consider that it was a pastiche of a review, but ten minutes into watching them perform and the acceptance of the truth would hit them hard, and the truth is that no matter how much hyperbolic praise I shower them with it will still fall short of the reality.
Much of the set comprised of material that will be on their forthcoming sophomore release and will be new to an audience, but while that can normally be the kiss of death to a performance due to the unfamiliarity they exact opposite happened here.
Instead I'm left craving hearing them again, and I quite literally can't wait for the album to be released.
There's a huge step forward in the quality of the material, and that's not to say that the original album was lacking in quality.
More so it's to try and convey that if the punters liked that then they better hold onto their hats as this one is going to be all killer.
I count myself very lucky that so far in this year I have seen some fantastic live performances and here was yet another to add to the list.
Tragic City Thieves have to break through to a wider audience.
I don't want to keep them to myself as a grubby little secret.
I want the world to know about them.
Fans of everyone from the New York Dolls to The Dead Boys, from Turbonegro to The Dwarves, from The Stooges to Bowie are going to love them.
This is the future of rock and roll.
People just need to wake up to that and get with it.

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