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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The ongoing adventures of Shug ONeill

This is going to be the last bit (maybe) from Shug (Cocksparrer/Guttersnipes/Snipes) about his memoirs, as from here on in the rest will be getting saved for the book itself.
It's a sort of teaser so that people will know what to expect.
It's true that sex, drugs and rocknroll stories proliferate the shelves of rock fans everywhere, but I doubt many will be as 'out there' as this one.

It's also with great pleasure that I can say that the book itself has moved on from being an idea to becoming closer to a reality as a publisher is now on board.
I'm especially pleased as I played a small part in that. (There you go. I'm taking credit for something. Although that something is just being a small link in a chain.)

Anyhow. Here's Shug in his own words.

Me and Andy bought about 80 microdots and then went on a huge trip.
I met Cheech & Chong in Norway, I married a German prostitute, I spent a weekend break in a gay brothel in Amsterdam.
More coming to light. We played for New Age Travellers in Andover on their way to Amsterdam and as a result got to play at The Glastonbury Festival a week later!
I got my brothers band The Humour a gig in London and we all got thrown out the venue the night before we played and the record company guy had to apologise profusely so we could still play!
Me and Andy being pulled up by gun totting police in Oslo for stealing our OWN posters!
Me going missing in Oslo (with an extremely beautiful Swedish woman) and the rest of the band dumping me in the mountains the next day!
Fighting with the drummer (Norway again), Island off the mainland, no street lights, people out with torches looking for me.
Me and the other rhythm guitarist fighting our way throughout Europe on last Guttersnipes tour (best one actually).
When Ex Cathedra played London (when I lived there) Alex Aitken said I asked for a lift back to Glasgow from them, by this time I was in a hell of a state and my teeth had been falling out due to drug and drink abuse, the rest of the band didn't know who I was (Alex was a very old & good friend), he said this is Shug, ex Cock Sparrer & Guttersnipes, they thought he had picked up an old alcoholic.
I arrived in Glasgow even though I lived in London.
Be warned, this book is not just gonna be all funny stories, some of it will be quite gritty and perhaps a warning, but at least I'm happy now and do you know what?
I dont regret any of it coz I probably wouldn't have got where I am now if it hadn't happened!

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