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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Suspire - Get yourself together

The first I heard of Suspire was when a mate, Robbile Mills, was telling me I should check them out after he had seen them blow some headline act away.
I have to admit that at the time they managed to get lost in the shuffle of multiple recommendations and until now I'd failed to lend them an ear.
Never one to shy away from admitting my own failings I'll happily accept that this was a big mistake on my part.
When I was told to seek them out I should have.
It really is that simple.
They're not a band that should be left sitting in the corner.
Check this out.

Classy bonus is that they are playing the Dirty Weekender this Friday.
Fingers crossed that they don't clash with one of the other equally fantastic bands that are on offer.

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