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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Chris Devotion and the Expectations - Amalgamation and Capital

I could have reviewed this months ago, but I didn't want to.
The reason wont make much sense to many, but it was because I think it deserved to be reviewed once I had actually parted with cash for it rather than from mp3s sent through.
I wanted to be able to hold it in my hand, slide the disc out, place it in the tray and crank up the volume and engage with it on a physical level before uttering one word about it because that's what this album deserves.
For me this is the pop album of the year, and while some will shudder at the word pop being mentioned I should clarify what that means to me.
It's that the music on this is hugely, immensely, tremendously danceable.
It's Husker Du on a sunny day, the Ramones surfing in the warm Californain sun, it's the Pixies at a barbecue, and much more.
It's sharp and soft. It's heartbreaking and uplifting, it's losing a love and finding another.
There's slashing guitars, pounding drums and bass, songs sung from the heart, and within all that it retains a sense of a catchy tune and manages to maintain an unbreakable grip on a hook.
How do you put into words just how good something is when you are at a loss to find any that would do it justice.
That's my problem here.
Nothing I can say is going to come anywhere close to describing how completely fantastic this is in its entirety.
I could wax lyrical about this, and even throw out praise worthy comments for hours on end, and they would still all fall short of being able to convey how much I personally love this album.
CD/EX were being touted as a band to watch in 2012 by the BBC, and recently were announced as an act that will appear on the T Break stage at the globally recognized T In The Park Festival, and without feeling that I am over stating this I believe that every single plaudit that is cast their way is well deserved and now, not tomorrow, is when you should allow yourself to be beguiled by them.

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