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Friday, 18 May 2012

Tommy Reilly - Pledge Project

I've got nothing to do with Tommy Reilly.
When I say nothing to do with him I mean I have nothing to do with him in a business capacity.
I've never spoke to him, and truth be told I've only ever seen him perform once in a live setting.
I did see some of the Orange competition on the television that he won.
It was alright.
That's about it though.
The time I did see him live I was very impressed though, and because of that experience I was keen to hear the new album that is about to be independently released.
So today I went to pledge music and pledged a tenner for the CD.
At the moment he is at the 31% of the amount he was aiming for and there's 36 days to go.
Now I'm personally disappointed with that.
So in the nicest possible way I would urge anyone with a spare £8 to get their finger out and get pledging as the songs I heard live that will be on the album are damn good.
Why add extra cash to the cost of grabbing a copy months later from a middle man?
Go and do it now.
Not tomorrow. Now.
Or if you're skint just now then tomorrow or the next day is fine.
In fact any day of the next 36 is actually fine.
Just don't forget.

Here's what Tommy says.

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