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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Tonighters – Photograph ep

Once more The Tonighters return to the murky world of the music business and thumb their noses and bare their backsides at the big labels and their dodgy deals.
Well when I say their noses and their backsides I really just mean his nose and his backside as The Tonighters are really the solo efforts of William 'Canny Lad' Gilbert.
Yet again, virtually all on his lonesome, he has released another ep of what is very nearly pop perfection.
He plays the lot, writes it all, produces it all, designs the artwork and more,
It's very nearly a one man cottage industry.
The only thing stopping it being a complete solo effort in the truest sense is the inclusion of some additional vocals from Sophie Evans who provides a very lovely counter balance to Williams own approach to the songs.
It all so very lovely.
I should explain that now.
In an age when claiming that a persons musical efforts are lovely it can come across as a bit weak.
Lovely seems to translate to nothing to write home about.
It's cast about rather dismissively, but in this case my claiming that 'Photograph' is lovely flies in the face of the perceived understanding of it, because when I use the term I am meaning that it is so beautifully written and performed that it is like a lovely salve that works as an antidote to the stresses of everyday life.
Slip it on a drift along with the summery mod tinged sound of the Tonighters and you will also feel the need to breathe the word lovely out and genuinely mean it.
At one point of his career the Modfather would have given his left nut to have written these songs.

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