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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Freedom to voice an opinion. The forgotten art of expression.

Just a general question.
Is it still exploitation when those being exploited are considering it an honour and privileged to be used.
I only ask as a few times my outspoken defence of the exploited, as I see them, has been questioned with it being said that it seems foolish to defend those who will not defend themselves.
Maybe I have been wrong.
Should others, who we often don't know, be left to those who would abuse them without a cautionary warning?
When we perceive a situation to be wrong should we remain silent or speak out?
Morally speaking I would suspect that most will say that we should all accept communal responsibility for each other and yes, speak out, but it is easier to say it that than do it.
This is a wide ranging question, but as I have used my blog and FB to publicly comment about a whole raft of situations that could be bundled together as speaking out against exploitation it is interesting to me personally to hear other peoples views.
Should I stick to live reviews, music reviews and nonsense?
Is voicing an opinion about the less than savoury behaviour of individuals in the world of music and global politics something that people would rather turn away from?
At the moment these posts seem to be like marmite. Equally loved and loathed.
As this is my blog I will probably continue to fill it with whatever I want, but it does seem necessary to get a handle on what is, and isn't, what readers want from it.

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  1. I was waiting for someone else to make a comment on this before I did. Now as no one has I have been thinking that has been a bit cowardly. Here's my tuppence worth. Unless there are people who will speak out on behalf of those who feel unable to then the exploitation will continue. Keep ranting. It shows you care, and you aren't being a bully by speaking out. I am glad you do it. Even if others aren't.