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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Iggy Pop - Apres

There's a few current releases that apparently don't make much sense on paper, or are leaving fans of the artists bemused with the intent of their idols.
Once such album is Iggy Pop's 'Apres'.
It's his second album that you could say has been recorded for a Francophile audience, with much of it being covers of songs sung in French, with the addition of a few English speaking ones that have a Gallic flavour to them.
His record company didn't want it as no one involved seemed to think that it could make them any money.
So Iggy released it himself.
It's less a bold move than a shrewd one, because it's a damn fine album, and by being independently released, without any involvement from his label, I suspect that as the money rolls into the Iggsters bank account some record execs could be kicking themselves for refusing to put their finger in the pie and showing the punk lizard king some faith.
I doubt that many would disagree on listening to it that Iggy displays a vocal range that effortlessly fits this style of material.
Cast aside preconceived ideas, close your eyes and listen, and it makes complete sense.
There's a drawling aspect to how he enunciates the words that verges on being stereotypically Gallic, but not in a cartoonish way.
It just seems naturally a fit between tone and delivery.
It works.
Whether it is Edith Piaf or Cole Porter he nails it.
Granted, the less open minded Iggy Pop fans who want a bit of Raw Power may struggle to feel any affinity with Apres, but it's not going to be as vast a reach for those who have weathered the years with the Godfather of Punk.
Neatly side stepping the expected he has once again managed to surprise an audience.
How many other 65 year old performers are still doing whatever they damn well please and doing it so well?
Not many is the answer you are reaching for.

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