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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sacre Noir - She Can't Take It

If Portishead added some goth influences to their music and turned the pop dial up to eleven then they would sound like Sacre Noir.
That's it in a nutshell really.
The problem is that describing the band in that manner only hints at the strengths that are displayed on what will be the debut single from their sophomore album release.
There's a simplistic clockwork beat to the song, some drama, a soulful vocal delivery, and a little sprinkle of magic that makes a track that shouldn't bite in on first listen manage to do the exact opposite and exist as an earworm for the rest of the day.
There's plenty of meat to the track for those who prefer their music with a bit of substance, and it treads carefully, albeit tentatively, into a sound that could beguile a wider and far less esoteric audience.
From the press release that accompanied the single it would seem that they are accepting that the track has a more upbeat feel to it than any of the material on their debut album, and without having heard that album I think I could be safe in assuring them that it has been a positive move.
Without that light in the darkness I'm not sure what would differentiate this Edinburgh band from their dark electronic peers.
This slight change in direction from the the electronic goth template has definitely allowed them to take a large step ahead of the pack, and stereotypically I would have to add made them 'one to watch out for'.

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