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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fire Exit - United and Strong

While punk rock is currently an amorphous entity that pervades every nook and cranny of modern culture on a global scale there was once a time when it hadn't been absorbed into everyday life.
Hard to believe huh?
Yet back in the day it was deemed a dangerous and perverse twist on rock and roll that would corrupt the youth of our not so great nation.
Teenage rebellion had rarely been as nihilistic, or as seductive to the disenfranchised.
It was around then, in the cauldron of punks difficult birth, that Fire Exit were formed.
They were one of the very first punk bands to form in Scotland, and are one of the very few remaining from that time who are still flying the safety pinned flag.
That's not to say that they have been there since day one and managed to avoid the trials and tribulations that any band with that length of history would have to face.
There's been lean years, empty years, line up changes and more, but here they are, still kicking against the pricks with Gerry Attrick at the helm in 2012, and that's pretty impressive when you think about it.
Thankfully the current Fire Exit aren't stuck in the past though.
It would be a blatant lie to claim that they don't have one foot firmly occupying some of the ground of yesteryear, and there would be no point in pretending otherwise, but the other one is most definitely heavily placed in the here and now.
With the addition of some of the most talented young guns in Scotland....well young compared to Gerry....the band are a solid unit of contained fury that would have any self respecting punk drooling in anticipation prior to hearing them strike a single chord.
I could argue that huge chunks of 'United and Strong' could easily be mistaken for twenty-somethings tearing it up, while the rest is rooted in experience, and the rich history of rock and roll.
From Chuck Berry to the unmistakeably ghost of Alex Harvey making his presence known there is a large melting pot being stirred here.
From fifty-something pot bellied and bald punks, to teenage mohicaned renegades, the punk faithful will rejoice when they hear this album.
If you want it then Fire Exit have got it.
You don't have to take my word for it though. For a fiver you can check it out yourself.

(Here at itsaxxxxthing we extend our best wishes to Gerry who is currently a little unwell. Rest up Gerry. Rebellion needs you.)


  1. Great Album recorded at Red Eye Studios in Clydebank!

  2. Hmmmm, never heard them, or of them for that matter, but I'll be doing my best to reverse that potential error. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Couldn`t have put it any better meself, Mainy!!!!!!! Nice yin, doll!!!

    Uncle G .... if you`re reading this ....... GET TAE YER, FKN, BED!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. Get well soon, ma luffie!!!! XXX

  4. You can listen to the album here -

  5. hey thanks so much for the very nice write up of the band and our new cd :) we have just played Rebellion and by shit it was a belter great crowd and great feedback cheers to everyone for the great support :)Gerry (Fire Exit)