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Friday, 4 May 2012

Mardigras Bombers - Come on in.

Over the last few years there's been an increasing amount of punk bands coming to my attention whose members could be described as having been around the block a few times.
That's far from a criticism though.
Nine times out of ten they're rag dolling their youthful peers about stages up and down the fair isle of ours.
That's probably down to them having paid their dues numerous times, and it also helps that they have wealth of musical knowledge that they can dip into to influence their own original material.
In the main there's rarely a downside to those of a certain vintage taking the gloves off and stepping into the ring.
All of this, and more, is true about The Mardigras Bombers, the latest band to get the STP records treatment.
Slip the disc in and from the start they are grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you along on a historical tour of the sounds of punk rock.
It's all very high quality stuff to.
There's none of that Exploited nonsense, or garbled shouty shouty bollocks.
Instead there's the Dead Boys, The Dead Kennedys, The Damned, the dub reggae sound that was so prevalent when punk was finding its feet, The Stranglers and..........well so much that you could be here for hours listing the nuggets of influences that flavour the album.
The good thing about the multiple influences is that The Mardigras Bombers end up avoiding sounding like any singular band, and instead come across as a deep melting pot of all that is good about the genre.
Every time I put the album on something else floats to the surface to impress me.
It's quickly becoming my one stop shop for punk goodness.
If I was to rate bands out of five stars for the blog then 'Come on in' is a six star album that's edging closer to a seven the more I listen to it.


  1. cheers for that review...i think it hits the nail right on the head.We try to keep our stuff like a melting pot of ideas..influences...genres.Hope it sounds fresh and not too generic,some people will love it...some will hate it...some will just be intrigued as to whether its punk or metal!!!as long as it gets people thinking...were happy.
    cheers once again for your kind words...all the best...ged/mardigras bombers.

  2. I think it all flows very well. There's obviously a metallica influence in there, but they were influenced by punk so it's sort of a full circle think.
    Hopefully we will see you up in Scotland before the year is out. Sandie Noone and myself will work together to cover Glasgow and we can get the word out to a few more places so that it makes the travelling worth your while.

  3. Girl X - it's the dogs bollocks of a punk song.