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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Masquerade Ball 2012 - Ayr Town Hall - 12/05/12

Well Ayrs inaugural Masquerade Ball went rather well last night.
I doubt anyone who attended wouldn't have been won over by the hard work put in by the organisers and sponsors, who all, without exception, provided an excellent night of entertainment.
It was a evening that lent itself to playing at dress up and getting your best togs on to celebrate life.
The idea of a Masquerade Ball may sound rather grandiose, but while the d├ęcor and setting was certainly grand, the down to earth atmosphere was one of bonhomie.
There was the chance to dance, drink and eat.
Shmooze with mates.
Bounce on an inflatable castle and be entertainment by the wonderfully soulful Meliusa Kelly and her Harmless Thieves, who one again bowled over everyone who had the pleasure of being there.
It was frankly everything I expected it to be, and more.
If a night deserved a standing ovation then this was it.
When they announced at the end of the evening that next years will be bigger and better it was met with a resounding cheer, and I hope everyone involved took that as a deserved seal of approval.
Things are no doubt in the planning stages just now, but as soon as a date is arranged I would advice anyone interested to get it down in their diary as I suspect everyone there this year will return next, and bring all their friends.
As introductions go to a fresh idea it did the job

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