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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Acid Fascists - These are the howling sounds of the Acid Fascists

'Slogans and symbols mean nothing at all.....HEY MOTHERFUCKER get up against the wall' is 100% definitely a lyric from Edinburgh's mighty beat combo The Acid Fascists, but it's equally a grindcore anthem for the masses.
A big sexy rolling bump and grind that's bearing it's teeth and growling at the moon.
It's also the first, and last, of seven gems that features on the very aptly titled 'These are the howling sounds of the Acid Fascists', album.
A collection of songs that could blow the roof off of any club.
In fact play this through a very large bank of amps aimed at a city, and when the last chord rings out then have a peak around the corner of said amps.
It will look like the the four horsemen of the apocalypse have ridden into town for a party.
It's that relentlessly powerful that it feels like a force of nature.
The last time I heard a garage punk band that had an impact like this was the last time the Acid Fascists released an album.
That's not to say I don't enjoy a blast of dirty sixties inspired rock and roll from other bands, but instead that these guys consistently deliver it to such a high quality that the other fantastic exponents of the stomp and roll that I enjoy fall in line behind the Acid Fascists.
There's no point in saying any more. Just watch the video and let the music do the talking...........motherfucker.

You can contact the band and buy this might opus here.

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  1. Kind words, much appreciated.
    We're still blushing!
    Our releases are available here...