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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Like Junk - The Host

It's late and you're quietly sobering up as you walk home from the party.
You have no idea when it begins, but a creeping sense of unease starts to snatch at the edges of your mood.
It's silly and you shake it off to an extent, but there's no pretending that you're walking faster.
There's nothing out there in the dark you tell yourself. It's just the primordial fear of the unknown playing tricks with your mind.
The door to your home is well lit and in sight. Nothing to worry about.
The relief you feel as the key slides into the lock is short lived though.
A bag is thrust over your head and you are pulled off balance, spun around, lifted, pushed, spun around again, kicked, pushed, thrown to the ground, pulled upright and spun again.
The world is turned upside down as your arms are pulled behind you and bound.
A van doors creak open, you're cast in, and a van doors slam shut.
A weight presses on you and holds you to the floor.
The sound of the doors being pulled open fills your head and you are dragged out.
More noise. Scraping of a chair? A door?
Weightlessness as you are airborne for seconds, and then the punishing impact of stairs that lead to God knows where.
Left in the dark you jump at every noise.
Then the noises intensify and become aural torture.
Discordant crashes pound at you while the screeches of the demented sound like fingernails being dragged down blackboards.
This is what the Australia band 'Like Junk' sound like on 'The Hosts' EP that will be released by Scotlands own Newtown Products label, and I perversely like it.
It's an atmospheric nightmare of post punk lunacy that leaves you feeling psychologically drained and jumping at shadows.
Truly frightening, truly fucked up, and bound to keep you awake at night. Brilliant.
Out 31st May.

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