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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


While I rattle on like a demented budgie on here I'm actually a bit crap at promoting the blog.
I sort of half apologetically push it, and while I completely understand that the reason for doing the blog is that I want to promote the music I am listening to, and share the experience of it with others, I will also readily admit that I sort of just hang it out there.
I'm not very proactive about it all.
I've spoke to people at gigs in bands who I have liked and often not mentioned the blog at all.
The blog itself is like the stranger at a party who is standing on the fringes wondering when they should make an effort to join in, and just when they have worked up the courage to do so the party ends.
I've been criticized for not pushing it often.
I was going to get some stickers done, but I didn't.
There was a half hearted idea about some t-shirts that I allowed to quietly slip from peoples memories.
Badges and keyrings was another idea that I shied away from to.
Now I've decided to grab the bull by the horns and I ordered business cards.
I even ordered a rubber stamp.
I should have them in about twenty days.
Then I suspect I will head out to gigs and more often than not forget them.
Subconsciously maybe I actually want to sabotage myself.
Anyway. Here's what the business (fnaar fnaar. He said business.) card will look like, and if anyone wants to download it and then spread it about a bit then I'll be fine with that.
Something to think about though.
99% of people will look at the image on it and see a severed arm holding a microphone.
1% of us will see a midget reaching up to wank someone off.
I am proud to be part of the 1% (and that's not an occupy movement reference).

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