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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wigsville Spliffs - Fat 41

It was all going swimmingly well there for a while with the latest releases from Drunkabilly Records, but then Wigsville Spliffs had to come along and derail the party train.
It's a shame because Fat 41 isn't a horrendously bad album. It's just not a very good one and suffers in comparison next to the others currently on the labels roster.
If I had listened to it on it's own instead of as part of a rotation of other albums then I guess I would have been more impressed and that's slightly unfair to them, or then again maybe it's not.
Maybe I'm being too kind and rationalising not being impressed.
Telling myself that if I had a bit of a drought of new musical adventures to go on then these guys could have been a welcome release from the tedium, but unfortunately in reality I'm just struggling to be positive about an album that is going to get lost in the shuffle.
The thing is I like the Wigsville Spliffs and feel that for old times sake I should be more positive, but I want something a bit fresher, maybe something unexpected from them.
Just a slight twist that would have shaken things up a bit.
Apart from the title track nothing much is grabbing me and one track out of twelve isn't what I would describe as a good batting average.
Forever Young, a supposed album highlight, has as much life in it as a three day old used condom lying in the gutter.
The album as a whole is bland, bland, bland.
I sincerely doubt that it will get another spin.


  1. You talk complete and utter shit mate. Its a grt album.


  2. I see the term subjective has been stolen out of the dictionary. It's being held hostage along with the meaning of opinion.
    Both may be released back into the arms of their loving families soon, but only as long as everyone agrees to limit their use to positive critiques.