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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Colin Hunter - Do Re Me

Music is the food of the gods.
It replenishes the soul when we think that we can't go on.
Offers us respite from the grind of life just when we need it the most.
It also accompanies us on all our adventures.
Offers the soundtrack to the best nights out, and provides us with aural bookmarks to the chapters of our lives that we never want to forget.
It will hold our hand in the dark, whisper everything will be all right, and conversely make us dance with tears of joy in our eyes.
It's omnipresent.
The ground beneath our feet and the sky above our heads resonates with music and Colin Hunter understands this.
I don't know if he realizes it himself though.
Maybe he is aware that he is a conduit for these sounds and rhythms, the heartfelt tales of kitchen sink romance, but maybe he's an idiot savant and these songs simply flow through him unchecked.
It doesn't matter where they come from though, because here they are.
They exist, and it is to our benefit that they do so, because each and everyone will step up and be your personal soundtrack to some moment in your life.
They will paint a picture in your head and that picture, like a little jigsaw piece, will fit in somewhere in your life.
The album is akin to a box full of these little pictures, and they will be different for everyone.
Join them all together and they can be the story of your day.
Break them up and start again and they collectively become the story of your last break up.
Start again and its the glorious moment when you catch your breath at the beginning of a relationship.
This album is brimming with life.
His life, my life, and yours to.
Colin Hunter has managed to create that rare beast. An album that will speak to virtually everyone.
It encompasses all things for all people.
All the highs and all the lows.
There's only one problem.
Where does he go from here?


and here's a cover version that isn't featured on the album.


  1. Ayrshire is really awash with talent just now. It's been building for years, but right now, right at the very minute, it has never been better.
    Tragic OHara, Ross Gilchrist, Roscoe Vacant, Mechanical Smile, Colin Hunter. Jeez. It feels like you could cast a stone in any direction and hit some talented fucker with it.

  2. love it puppy boy !

  3. Colin is one of the best singer songwriters in Scotland in my opinion he's one of the very best. He's a charismatic, passionate and exciting performer. A brilliant live act and one of the most talented musicians I know. It's a pleasure to hear him perform he is brilliant at what he does and it's true he has no idea of the talent that he possesses, but he has it and that's what matters most. One of my favourites. Good on him!