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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Moonshine Reunion - Tired of Drivin'

Tired of Drivin' is the sound I hear in my head when the term Americana is rolled out.
The twang of the guitar, the wide open roads, the top down, the wind in your hair as the desert slips past to your left and right. Stopping off at a juke joint bar where the beer is cold and the ladies all want to dance the night away.
It's evocative of a time and place that probably doesn't exist except in the minds of us Europeans who hanker after this mythical star spangled shangri-la.
That it doesn't exist isn't important though because you can just slip this album on, sit back and let the boys of Moonshine Reunion paint the pictures for you.
A couple of songs in and you are there. With your eyes closed it feels real.
To do this takes a great deal of talent.
For me it's like a form of alchemy. Taking some instruments and spinning aural gold from them.
This is yet another magical album from Drunkabilly records that proves that are at the top of the game in seeking out talent that exists off the beaten track.
More power to them, and of course Moonshine Revival.
You can grab a listen here
Try Dirty old town and see what you think.

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