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Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Baboons - Back Scratch

The Baboons are back.
Not the Swedish female fronted punk rockers, although they're pretty damn good to, but instead the Belgian purveyors of rockin' rhythm and blues.
It's good to hear from them to.
If you ask me everyone could do with The Baboons in their life.
Previously I suggested that to people, but now I'm insisting.
While their debut was a firm favourite around these here parts this has just jumped forward and given it a clean KO.
Boogie Curse is on the canvas and Back Scratch is doing a victory dance with it's arms aloft in a champion salute.
This is not the album I expected at all.
I was looking forward to just more of the same, not this down and dirty beast.
Take some garage sounds, add a bit of soulful blues and imagine a “Copy Cat” era Johnny Thunders getting down and dirty with Imelda May on the dance floor while the guys from Jim Jones Revue sip on whiskey and nod in appreciation to the cool tunes getting played and you will get the vibe that these guys have managed to nail down.
This is the sort of party that Back Scratch is.
It's cool, it's hot. It's outta sight daddio.
Between the previous album and this these guys have laid down some pretty solid foundations for an interesting career. So get in on the ground floor cool cats.
Don't make me tell you twice.
(Drunkabilly Records.)

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