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Sunday, 24 April 2011

My Chemical Romance - Live Acoustic @ 98.7FM Penthouse

Nice little curio here.
It's My Chemical Romance doing an acoustic set for a radio station and I'm pleased to say that from my perspective if provides more evidence to support my opinion that this is a good, maybe even great, band that couldn't be described as a mere flash in the emo pan.
I particularly like this recording as it isn't that polished.
It's not like the unplugged MTV recordings that were recorded in the best possible manner in the best possible circumstances, but instead a more relaxed affair that actually provides a bit more credibility to the performance.
At some points Gerard doesn't sound vocally that powerful at all.
Especially on “Sing”, but the guitar work on this version, and the Doors sounding burst of keyboards, more than makes up for his reticence to belt it.
I suspect that this subdued vocal is rooted in trying to find a balance for the song within the restraints of doing it acoustically.
Cancer finds him hitting the nail on the head though, and that's more than likely down to the fact that the song has been done acoustically by them so often.
It's common ground for them.
Give it another six months and I suspect that 'Sing' would sound like 'Cancer'.
More assured, firmed up and ready to impress.
Pulp's 'Common people' From Radio 1's Live Lounge is included just to stretch the album out a bit, but it's a worthy inclusion and fits well enough into the flow of the tracks.
It all finishes on a low though with the Lags Gallows remix of 'Planetary (Go)'.
I could have done without this.
It's not that it is terrible, but misplaced and breaks the acoustic style that the rest of the tracks are coached in.
A mistake by whoever compiled this. A minor one, but noticeable.
In future I think I'll just be giving the first seven tracks a spin and quickly hitting the eject button before the remix ruins the vibe

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