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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Michael Monroe / Voodoo Six - Glasgow Garage (15/4/11)

Due to partaking of the late afternoon acoustic show we rolled into the Garage just in time to catch the last song of Voodoo Six.
Now the rock press have been very complimentary about this band, but people I know who have seen them far less so.
Truth be told I've not heard a good word about them as a live band from anyone.
I gave them a listen prior to the show and thought that the heavy metal tag was a bit unfair as to me they sounded like a classic Brit rock band.
So I was happy to go against the flow of common opinion if they did manage to push some of my buttons.
Strange days though as the metal tag obviously derives from them playing as a live band and not from their studio work.
It's all Iron Maiden posturing and the worst stereotypical behaviour of when the NWOBHM was riding the crest of a wave of spandex.
No wonder Steve Harris likes them. It must be like a visual reminder of his glory days.
To say I was underwhelmed would be an overstatement.
Over the course of one single solitary song they managed to confirm all the worst criticisms that I had heard about them.
I've had to file them away as a band that I will try my damnedest never to see live again.
One song was more than enough.

Michael Monroe with his band are a whole different story.
It's been a career of highs and lows for all of them.
At times some of them would maybe be happy to accept that they have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory a couple of times each.
They have all experienced that moment when everything was just about to click into place, but didn't for a multitude of reasons.
Michael himself seen Hanoi Rocks implode after the death of Razzle, then spearheaded a reunion that while it impressed the fans never managed to capitalize on their previous promise.
Less a lack of quality, but more so being out of place and out of time.
A sad indication of how good music can fall to the wayside if it doesn't tick the “what is currently fashionable” boxes.
Sami Yaffa shares his experiences with Michael as part of the original Hanoi Rocks, and then again as someone who along with Steve Conte injected life into the reformed New York Dolls.
If anyone wishes to disagree with that then a little listen to their latest album will provide enough evidence to show that Steve and Sami were the beating rock and roll heart of the band, as without them the latest album and gigs have been rather.....well lets just tell it as it is and throw in the word bollocks.
Ginger Wildheart could be described as a songwriters songwriter. He can walk the talk effortlessly, but while he has had a good level of exposure here in the UK, he is still a much loved cult hero that deserves oh so much more recognition.
Steve Conte has a reputation for being a gun for hire. The upside of that is the big players like Paul Simon or the New York Dolls obviously don't pick anyone to play with them who can't deliver, but the downside is that working with these acts, and others, overshadows his own material.
Basically I'm of the opinion that if Steve is singing and playing guitar in a band then it can be classed as a stamp of excellence. The man has soul. Something that appears to be lacking in the increasingly sterile world of popular music.
Karl Rockfist probably carries more of the burden of striving to claim recognition for his talents.
Drummers always do. He's played with Danzig and then with the fantastic Chelsea Smiles. A band that should have adorned the cover of every rock magazine in the world, but didn't.
So here they all are together.
Hungry for what they are due and with a studio album under their belts that shows that they can deliver collectively on all the promise they show individually.....and is Glasgow up for it?
Hell yeah.
From the moment they hit the stage with Trick of the Wrist, and I mean hit it like a heat seeking missile, the crowd goes nuts.
This is what people are wanting.
There's no airs or graces, no false posturing, just real solid rock and roll played with passion.
Michael covers every inch of the stage and has enough energy to run a city off of.
Ginger is all heads down taking care of business and if Steve grins any wider there a danger that his top lip may slip over his forehead.
Sami is pounding the beat out and Karl has sweat flying from his hair within seconds of attacking the skins.
This attitude to playing relentlessly never slows for one second throughout the show.
There's little time to speak to the audience as one song jumps at hyperspeed into the next.
It's telling that about four songs in, when the first of the Hanoi tracks is played, what much of the love in the room is reserved for.
Motorvatin' with it's bass line intro pushed the crowd to the limit, but there's no letting up at all.
Hammersmith Palais sounds as fresh as the day I first heard it and is book ended with 78.
These songs are both peas from the same pod.
Nothin's Alright is a sweat drenched party of awesomeness. It just goes on and on.
A marathon of rock and roll excess.
By the time the Damned songs come along some people are flagging, but not the band.
Dysfunctional sounds tougher than I have ever heard it played, while the brace of Hanoi Rocks songs “Back to Mystery City” and “Malibu Beach Nightmare” prove that with the right people playing them that they are bonafide classics.
The set finishes with an exhaustive run through of Dead Jail, or Rock'n'Roll, but the Glasgow crowd aren't sated yet and vocally make their point known.
Johnny Thunders “I wanna be loved” is kicked about the stage to rapturous applause and roars of approval while “Life gets you dirty” allows everyone time to search for a second wind before Ginger assumes vocal duties and Michael takes to the drums for Blitzkrieg Bop.
It's a bit of a fuck up as the mic cuts out, but Glasgow are up for carrying the vocal duties until it kicks back in and it is obvious that no one sees this as a blip in an otherwise perfect execution of how rock and roll should be played, but instead a serendipitous opportunity to participate and pull our weight along with the band in communal appreciation of what they have just given us.
So far these guys have delivered the best album of the year and now the best gig.
If you think I'm wrong.
Then you weren't there.
It's as simple as that.




  2. I can only judge them on what I seen. If I had arrived earlier then maybe I would have had a different opinion. Maybe not though.
    I was actually partially impressed by the songs I listened to on their site and couldn't hear where the Heavy Metal tag came from.
    It sounded like good solid classic brit rock as I've already mentioned.
    So I didn't go to the show with the intention of disliking them, but instead to be entertained.
    Unfortunately when I did arrive at the Garage the reasons for others calling them Heavy Metal became very clear.
    If that's your thing then fair enough. It's not mine. I thought they were shite and as for being a moron for judging a band on one song how many times does someone hear a single good song and then buy an album or go to a gig based on that?
    I suppose they're morons to?
    Or are people only morons when they disagree with your views?
    keep posting. Water of a ducks back mate. Just as I presume my review is to the band themselves.

  3. Asfar as i'm concerned if you only catch the last song of a bands set then there's no point in reviewing them, i know i don't.

  4. I have had the great fortune to see Voodoo Six live on two occassions now and both times they were superb.

    In fairness you only witnessed onesong from their set so I think your review is somewhat unjustified but - each to their own!

    I for one will certainly catch this band again!


  5. And that's entirely up to you "anonymous". It doesn't make you right and me wrong or vice versa.
    Something to consider though, and I've already touched on it.
    If I had arrived at the gig and been bowled over by Voodoo Six and in gushing terms spoke about how great the one song I had heard was then would anyone be pissed off?
    I doubt it.
    People make judgement calls after hearing one song all the time. Unsurpisingly it's rarely an issue if it's a positive one, but people tend to get their knickers in a twist when it isn't.
    What this boils down to is that the fans of the band don't like that I've made some negative comments about "their" band.

  6. @ Vicky.
    Thanks for your comment. I don't mind people disagreeing with me in the least, and of course you are entitled to your opinion regarding the band and my review.
    I've covered the one song aspect of it I think.
    It's a shame some of the other fans of the band don't share the calm and rational manner in communicating.

  7. I caught the Brighton UK gig while on holiday from the US and was actually quite impressed with V6...tight band with a good sound IMO. Sure its been done before, but I've seen MUCH worse.

    Your take on MM is spot on however - he & his amazing band can mop the floor with any band in existence. I lost count of how many times I turned to my wife wide-eyed and just said "DAMN!!" Its a shame more people will never experience such an electrifying performance...but I did.

    And I will never forget it.

    Aaron D.
    Auburn, CA USA

  8. Hi Aaron. Horses for courses isn't it.
    I actually try my hardest to see all the support bands, but in this case I was at the secret acoustic gig that Michael Monroe did. (There's footage further down). We left straight from there in a taxi to the venue and that's is why I missed the full Voodoo Six set.
    The one song I did hear didn't impress me in the slightest and the stage antics of some of the band is where the NWOBHM reference comes in.
    Holding the bass like a machine gun and shooting into the crowd. It's straight from the Iron Maiden "how to rock" book.
    Some people seem to have been a tad confused with that as they think I said they sound like Iron Maiden. I didn't.
    As usual people want to cherry pick what they want to discuss, debate, argue, about.
    I'd listened to some songs online the day before the gig and was impressed.
    I've already stated this.
    Being a long time Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Widhearts fan and knowing others who share my taste I had been personally told by mates who had been on other dates of the tour that Voodoo Six had left them unimpressed.
    I didn't let that sway me and based my opinion on seeing them myself. Even if it was for one song.
    The thing is it is just an opinion, and as the band says they are like arseholes and we all have them.
    The problem is that many people only like to hear opinions that mirror their own.

  9. Love the hate mail by email. Keep 'em coming.
    There aint no haters like HM haters.

  10. Hi,
    I've read the above with interest. As someone once said I may not agree with what you say, but I'd fight to the death for your right to say it...
    However.. I do feel the review is unfair. I caught V6 when they were supporting The Union last year. I'd never heard of them, had no idea what they were going to sound like. But having watched all of their set, I was hooked. To the point I thought they were better than The Union. One or two of their songs they played during that set didn't ignite me (and I do skip one or two of their songs on their CD). So if I'd had seen just those songs I might agree with your review. So I'm not a fanatical fan that will like everything they churn out, but the consensus of informed opinion of other reviewers is these guys are seriously good. I'd not go to a gig having heard just one song from someone, and I appreciate you did listen to some of their their songs before (it's not clear if the one they played was one you had heard), but if you had heard those songs played live, then maybe you may have a different perspective.
    I took along a mate who'd not heard of them, he's a regular gigger, he came away very impressed and he doesn't suffer crap bands gladly.
    As for your comment that if you'd said they were good on the basis of one song, fans would like that, but as with all things in life, people like positive, not negative.
    If this band were a 'so so' band, I wouldn't bother with them, but as I say, informed opinion, and others who have written on their web pages have given them the thumbs up.
    As for the postering, well thats rock n roll isn't it? I'd never seen Michael before the London show.. and he blew the roof off of the O2 Islington and I came away as an extremeley exhausted new fan with ringing ears but some of his postering at times were (and my bunch of mate who went to see V6 agree) very similar to other well know front men. Thats not a complaint! I love seeing it, but short of doing the can can or a highland dance (both of which I'm sure Michael M has done/ will do etc) of course there is going to be some like stage postering. It's who your influenced by.
    Hence I do the funky chicken..

    Fraken furter (sorry I'm not a techno who knows how all this url works!)

  11. How can you judge a band on one live song!! It's ridiculous. Obviously I don't agree with anything you said about them but I know i'm not the only one. People follow them round the country to see them! I also know that they're well liked down at Rock Radio. If they're not your cup of tea then that's fair enough... i'm sure you like bands that other folk don't.Anyway.. I just wanted to say that this is a very very unfair review and personally I think they're amazing live!

  12. Thanks again for a clear and reasoned response.
    I'll pick up on the unfair aspect though.
    My opinion of the band is based on a number of facters, and not just the one song.
    Most people seem to be missing this and instead are focussing on the one point they consider they can hang an arguement on rather than just saying "you're a cunt because you dislike the band I like".
    The facts are my 'opinion is based on the few songs I listened to online.
    The performance of the one song that I seen.
    The way they performed the song.
    ....and probably most importantly personal taste.
    I like a lot of rock music, but less so what I would describe as Heavy Metal.
    The tracks I heard online led me to believe they lent to the former and not the latter, but live it didn't come across that way.
    It's not my thing, and I make no apology for saying so.
    It just an opinion expressed.
    So fair? Unfair?
    I think that would maybe depend on the individuals perception of the band.
    Fair if they share my view and unfair if not.
    Of course the opinion is strongly expressed, but if people don't like that then there are plenty of mainstream magazines that will cater to them.
    Can the band play? The answer is yes.
    Do they play music I want to hear?
    Well I thought they might, but no.
    Another thing is that this is a blog that is rooted in my past experience of writing fanzines.
    I'm not a journalist and would baulk at being described as such. I have no real wish to become one at my loate age either.
    As for your comment about your mate. I'm sure in hindsight you could accept that there's no relevence. That he liked the band is just down to his personal taste.
    Maybe some of my friends liked Voodoo Six to.
    I'm not too bothered about the thumbs up from people who like them either.
    I don't mean that to come across as rude, but they are also expressing an opinion. Not stating facts.
    Liking or disliking a band is subjective after all.
    I find it strange that some people don't like the Rolling Stones, but there you go.
    I should also add that I do buy albums by people who I have heard one track from and I even go to see bands who I have never heard before. It's very hit and miss, but I'm open to taking that chance.
    A last thing I will add is that a guy who works as a rock journalist in the US recently commented to to a mate that he wouldn't have had the balls to give the new New York Dolls album a negative review as he would have lost his job, and just today a friend of mine who works in the industry was saying that she would love to be more honest in her comments about bands, but knows that it would be detrimental to her career so she has to keep it all positive.
    This would lead me to believe that in the mainstream press we rarely get an honest review and the more entertaining and edgier comments are to be found in fanzines and blog sites.

  13. @ DysfunctionDesigns
    Good for you.
    Personally I don't give a toss if they are well liked at Rock Radio. Sorry.
    Just in the same way that I could care less if the guy in the chip shop gives them his seal of approval.
    Rock radio plays music I like and plays music I don't. I would say most people would share that opinion, but base it around different bands.
    So unless I missed the memo informing everyone that Rock Radio has the final say on whether a band are good or not then I'm not sure what your point is.
    I also don't really give a shit about people following them around.
    People follow Justin Beiber about, but that doesn't make him any better to me.
    I'm glad you like the band. I'm very pleased you get enjoyment from listening to them and going to see them.
    It's a shame that you seem unable to respect my lack of enthusiasm.
    Whats the difference between you publicly stating you like them and me stating I don't?

  14. The retort starting with 'Thanks again for a clear and reasoned response.' is in response to Fraken Furter.

  15. Thats a fair retort mate. I guess I based my view not on the fact you don't like a band I do, but more on the basis that the review was on one song. If I had walked into one of the ones I'm not so hot on and walked out, I'd had missed a treat. But if it's not your bag, then that cool. .. Justin Bieber.. whataguy.. Now thats a review you should do!
    Franken Furter

  16. I just mentioned to my son. How many people read a single book and don't like it so don't bother with the rest fo the authors work. Watcha movie and then don't bother with the sequels because it aint their thing.
    You never know. Justin Beiber may come along. Kylie Minogue is on here and JLS.
    I've got two kids so I've seen them all.

  17. Ok, thought we'd put on here what we said on our Facebook, as this seems to have become a lively debate!

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.
    And we have no problem with someone not liking the band, there's loads of bands we think are rubbish, and we're sure they don't care either.

    The only thing that seemed a bit unfair/unprofessional in a journalistic way was that it made no mention of how much the crowd were liking the band.

    We've had an amazing reception on this tour, sold loads of CDs and t-shirts, and the Glasgow gig was one of the most up for it crowds of the whole tour.
    But anyone that was there would know that...


  18. Well, I'm standing by what I thought of Voodoo Six after seeing the whole set twice on this tour: Voodoo Six - I only counted five. Perhaps one got voodoo'd out of the band and was indeed fortunate.
    Okay, I have no issue with the singer and the drummer but the guitarist 2nd from left drove me nuts. Mouthing words in that Spinal Tap way and pointing the guitar neck at the crowd like a gun.....oh please, I can hardly type that it's so cringing....please stop! I really wanted to stonewash his jeans whilst he was still wearing them.
    Things took a definite turn for the worse when I was so bored I began to wonder what other faces he could know if you've reached that point that it's time to start making the next shopping list in your head and hope that thought will never, ever return.....

  19. The problem with blogs is that fans of bands get on their high horses and retaliate to anything bad said about their heroes....I have lived by the same principle for 30 years, and that is - if something is bad and doesn't appeal to me, if a band is lazy, untalented, posteuring and posing, if their sound is bad...they have the right to read all about it in the mag.....likewise, if it's the other way around....but I don't tolerate 'fan-mail'....fuck 'em! if they can't take a bad is subjective, and it has to be that man's horsehit is another's gold...otherwise, we'd all be Justin Timberlake clones, and that, my friend, would just not be right!

  20. What the hell is everyone's problem? The guy saw one song, so he reviewed one song... on HIS blog. This isn't a paid-for publication, nor does he get paid for what he does. It's quite obviously a hobby (as he has stated) where he voices his own opinions. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.

  21. what the fukk was that all to have seen the review of the first band..if you think V6 are crap or Hm..its all R'N'R..and they are a good band..they are nae any more cliched than anything else as its all been Mr Monroe says 'no-one writes cliche free..'..seen bands since the 70' should be a full thing..they are all big powerful bands..lot worse in other genres..look forward to the next one..

  22. Well there's something we can agree on. Opinions are indeed like arseholes as everyone has them.

    As for the crowd liking you there was a hardcore at the front enjoying themselves and I seen a few people with t-shirts on to.
    A fair enough response for a support band, but from where I was standing at the back there seemed to be more people waiting patiently for you to finish and let Michael Monroe and his band take to the stage.
    It would be unfair to focus on the people enjoying themselves and not mention those who weren't. Or would it?
    Your fans would probably disagree as they seem to think that any negative comment should be taken as a personal insult.
    As a supporter of live music I'm pleased that in a time of recession you managed to sell CDs and t-shirts, but personally I was unimpressed with what you do.
    This was probably in no small part down to my expectations from listening to the studio material on your website.
    The reality live was cliched metal in my opinion.and as I've said that's not my thing.
    I still think that no one would be giving a toss about this is I had said that I had only seen one song, but thought it was the benchmark that all other rock bands should be trying to match.

  23. @ Rockson.
    Thats it. It seems to me like there's a great deal of fundamentalist thinking here.
    The Voodoo Six fans are entrenched in their adoration and how dare anyone have an opposing view.
    Not all of them of course, but the ones who feel the need to send me emails saying that if they see me they would make me kiss the kerb certainly are.
    You know the type. Internet warriors riding their keyboards into battle in the cyberworld.

  24. @ anonymous. Watch what you say. A spandex fatwa may be issued on your ass.

  25. @ Th3Thund3r.
    I'm a sort of freedom of speech type. They can dish out as much as they want.
    The difference is that I accept that they are allowed an opinion. Even if some of them do come across like grade A assholes.

  26. OMFG!!! Why are all of these people so defensive of this band??? WTF????

    Everyone`s entitled to their own opinion ..... good or bad!!! Fact is Mainy .... you didn`t like them ..... so you`re totally entitled to your own opinion ...... on your own blog!!! It`s not as though you were commenting on anyones personal walls/stream/news feed etc!!! Now .... that I would`ve "frowned upon"!!!!

    As far as I`m concerned ..... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, doll!!!! I really look forward to reading your reviews ..... cos I know that I always look forward to hearing wot you`ve got to say about bands/gigs!!!! You and I have a very different taste in music ...... but I know that you`ll always give an honest and unbiased review of any gigs that you attend!!! So, that`s why I always want to know wot you think of any gigs!!!!

    So ..... don`t listen to these silly peeps who can`t handle a bit of citicism for "their band"!!! I know you aren`t anyway ...... gonna stop pissin yersel laffin here??? LOL Get back to wot you do best!!! Attend "weird" gigs that I`d never go to ..... then blog it so I can, maybe, open my mind to other bands/genres!!!!!

    PS I`ll make my mind up all by myself (for all of you haters out there)!!! I`m not, totally, influenced by any blogs!!! OK????????


  27. You loved the Kylie review Sandie. Go on. Admit it.

  28. I was lucky enought to catch Michael Monroe band twice on this tour and unfortunatly that meant having to go through the utterly boring experience of seeing V6 twice (I was about to type 'painfully boring' but that would have suggested this bland band had evoked some kind of emotion which certainly wasnt the case). I completly agree with the sentiment of the review and although I had the misfortune of yawning my way through two sets, I had reached the same conclusion on this lot as this reveiwer had after one track, so rest assured reviewer had u had the misfortune to suffer an entire set, I imagine your opion would not be any different. As far a chucking a few rock cliches and metal posturing into your act goes, by all means go ahead, we all enjoy a bit of this every now and then, that is as long as the band have the talent to back it up or the stage presence to hold our attention in other way, V6 dont. They are the musical version of dry toast. T x

  29. Ive seen V6 twice supporting MM. The first time in London i caught the whole set and found them incredibly dull. They reminded me of the dime a dozen pub metal bands my local used to put on. Michael Monroe was amazing as always.

  30. I love V6 especially the intriguingly bombastic character with the bald head i think he plays brilliantly he also has a massive cock :)

  31. You mean the one with a sense of humour that his fans don't share? ;)

  32. hahahahaha YES! aww no i do actually think they are a great band.. but totally agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion :P

  33. I suspect you are using the term "great" in it's loosest sense.
    You know I've got to ask, but has he got a big cock, or does he just think he has because people shout big cock at him in the street.

  34. Ah, personal insults, the last resort of a depleted imagination...
    But seriously, it's been fun watching the mass debate, ain't it nice that people give a shit enough about music to voice an opinion, even if you/we don't agree with it?
    And musically, who'd want to be in a band that everyone quite likes? Much better to have lovers and haters methinks.
    I'm sure you remember the days when labels like heavy metal, glam rock, punk etc were mutually exclusive, you couldn't like all those things, let alone play them.
    Now, it's all 'Rock', and that ain't a bad thing, we were very pleasantly surprised that our classic rock (with a hint of metal and mint ice cream) was so well received by the majority of MM fans, but they were never all going to like it!
    Like yerself, Mr Blogger, I don't get how not everyone loves the Stones, what's that about..?
    Sure is a spicy life.

    Now Blog off..!

    Matt, V6

  35. Not a personal insult. A joke, but if it went over your head fair enough.
    To bring up insults is a bit of a joke though.
    As far as your fans are concerned I'm a twat, prick, cunt etc etc, and in personal messages to the blogs email address there's been threats.
    (And they base that on one review. Sheesh. You would have thought they would have given me more of a chance.....joke)
    Well anyway when I say threats I think that's what they are once I've translated them from the dyslexic txtspk that some of them have been coached in.
    U ded u wnk. fk ov n diy. That sort of thing.
    Not that any of it bothers me, but he who casts the first stone and all they eh?
    By the way. Is the thread following the post on your FB the best response you have ever had?
    No such a thing as bad publicity huh?
    Personally I got a record breaking number of hits on the blog over this.
    So mucho thanks.

  36. You're welcome!
    And I was joking too.
    Any discussion of my band or my cock ain't a bad thing..!
    And TBH I think you would have got a similar response from many other fan-bases, it ain't a peculiarly V6 or metal reaction I'm sure.
    Maybe try a bit of research with other reviews, biggest reaction, worst death threat, and do an end of year poll...?

  37. Is this still going on?

    im a fan of rock music and i have seen V6 a couple of times now in support slots.
    i usually try and give support bands as much time as i can and buy cds direct from them so that i feel like i am helping keep the wheels turning and maybe help them get to the next gig or recording.
    not that bothered about V6 although i wish them all the best.
    the fans comments aren't reflecting well on them are they.

  38. @ V6
    If you had a trawl through the blog you would see that I have said much worse about other bands, slagged of certain demographics of fans, and more, and while obviously there's been some heated debates this takes the biscuit when it comes to a backlash.
    Possibly something to be proud of.
    I just say it as I see it/hear it.
    I don't claim to be infallible, or even someone whose opinion is worth more than anyone else. Anyone can write a blog. It's worth is in the mind of the reader.
    To be fair I wouldn't paint all your fans with the one brush though as there's some that have put their point across in disagreement inoffensively enough, and there will always be a silent majority, but some of them really are cocks of the highest order. Individuals who fail spectacularly in putting their brain in gear before messaging.
    Unimaginative insults are all rather boring at the end of the day. As are the internet warriors.
    I wish they had the ability to inject some humour in calling me a cunt. Just for a change. ;)

  39. See you in HELL,Mainy!!

  40. An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walked into a pub and said.. Mainy, you're a cunt.
    As an aside, if you liked every band in the world you would be a liar as well as a cunt and the arseholes who are having a go because you said you don't like their idea of heaven are best ignored, although toying with their monosyllabic ravings (can you rave in words of less than two syllables) has probably amused you all day. The people who have came across well in this are you and the band members (even if one is a bit of a boaster.. All I'll say is Mattessons). I did warn you you're taste in music would get you in trouble one day.. Come to the punk side..


  41. You mean come to the post punk side don't you V?

  42. I think that based on all of the comments about bald heads, genitalia references, musical styles then doing my own research using the different bands or singers mentioned in the review or comments, there is one clear conclusion...I would rather 'see' Kylie Minogue than anybody else listed....then again there are no speakers on this machine so i might be biased ;)

  43. And together we can rule the Empire (biscuits or cinema, you decide. Both if you want..)


  44. I cant believe your all adults all above the age of 40 i imagine.. dont you have jobs?????

    i made the cock comment and it was the only comment i made.. personally with the 'intriguing bombastic' line i believe my comment was the funniest .. Maybe i am the boaster? i've also managed to offend you all with this comment.

    Shall we all get on with our lives now? instead of acting like jumped up band geeks... its a sunny day may pop to the zoo.. if anyone fancies it? or a brisk walk round Regents Park? lovely..

  45. I'm not offended with the cock joke. I even responded in kind. I actually liked your comment.
    If it had been on FB I may even have clicked the wee likey option.
    In fact I'm not even offended by all the hate thrown my way either. The reason being that I think others are entitled to their opinions.
    No matter how illogical they are.
    I think some people thought you were the guy in Voodoo Six though.
    That may be where the boaster bit came in.
    Apart from that. I am over forty, but work 12 hour shifts. So in a matter of days I can have workd the same hours someone takes a week to do. I'm on at odd times because of this to.
    Regents park sounds lovely, bit far for me to travel for a picnic though.

  46. Hey! I like ya! i think your very reasonable and witty! he doesnt have that much of a big cock really.. but it'l do!a bit like his guitar playing hahaha oh god.. no.. i actually do love their album :)have seen them live also..bought a smile to my wee face.. Personally when i came across this i was in stitches.. and after reading your other blogs... i will defo be keeping a keen out for more of your great reads!

    whether i agree or not...

    as for Regents Park that is a shame we could have got a 'mint ice cream'

  47. I hope that 'mint ice cream' isn't a euphanism.
    I think I'm going to have to make more less than complimentary comments about heavy metal/rock bands.
    The hits have went through the roof. Over a thousand in a day and a half.

  48. Exactly, you have got far too much attention for slagging off a band you didn't even see one full song of. This is how writers of the past behaved as it gets them instant notoriety. Easier to do it that way than write a reasoned, well written review. It's lucky that V6 seem to have a loyal following, if you had given that type of review to a young band it could destroy them - even if you are just a blogger.
    I have only seen V6 once and really enjoyed their set. I can't say I'm a massive fan, so I'm not being defensive of them.
    Maybe you should think of spell checking your reviews in the future too, after all if you give criticism you should be able to take it!
    Bob Boulder

  49. Or on the other hand some could say that Voodoo Six has had far too much attention for a review that slags off 'one' of their songs.
    Proof could be in the amount of posts following their mention of the review on FB. Are there any others on their page with that much traffic?
    (There's that one song issue be raised again to. Maybe I am the only person on the planet that can have an opinion on something without immersing myself in everything connected to it.)
    Now if a review like that had destroyed a young band then I would consider they are in the wrong game. On a monthly basis I see people getting onto stages and playing to a handful of people. Slogging their guts out to entertain and it must be one of the toughest jobs going. A job that most would agree needs a thick skin and a sense of self belief to be able to do.
    If they don't ahve either then theer dream is going to be a short lived one.
    I'll take your advice on spellchecking on board. In fact I just did it for this review.
    Apart from the spellcheck not recognizing 'Spandex' everything else seems to be in order.
    There's the names of people and shortened names for songs like nothin' that gets a mention to, but apart from that it appears fine.
    If you want to look for spelling mistakes then you will find plenty in the off the cuff remarks I make in reply to people.
    I think if I can handle the hate mail I can carry the burden of being criticised for my spelling.

  50. Sorry. I said has instead of have in the first sentence.
    Need to keep on top of shit like that.

  51. 'Next up were Voodoo Six who I'd caught once before. To be honest that was enough but I thought in the interest of being fair I'd give them another go. I was right the first time! It's not like they're bad or anything it's just that they're not that good in my opinion. The reasons? Hackneyed, samey, HM posturing and nothing to raise them above any of the countless other metal bands out there.'

    Ooops. Even with seeing the full set in the Garage and seeing them once before, someone else has managed to come to the same opinion (Opinion. Remember that word.).
    I wonder if he should have maybe bought all the albums and went to a few more shows before offering a critique.
    I mean who can tell if a band is any good based on just two gigs.

  52. I am in starbucks and i just bought a chicken pesto salad... i would just like to say it was the most mundane offle i have ever tasted i'd rather be savaged by rabid dogs then have that embarassment cross my lips again..

    Zoo was great by the way people real shame you couldnt make it.. great gig at gorilla kingdom :) maybe next time folks maybe next time

  53. Now Mr Blogger,
    if you want to play the 'post a review game', I think you'll find there's more positive ones out there than negative ones, so I'd beat ya.
    You want to play..?
    How bout this one?

  54. Rattle in as many as you want.
    I think that you will find here that there's room for opposing views.
    The point that most of your fans miss spectacularly is that all reviews are subjective.
    Just because I wasn't impressed doesn't mean the next man, woman, child wont be, and similarly just because someone else hands out a glowing review doesn't mean that others will share their enthusiasm for your band either.

  55. I think now may be the time to mention Justin Beiber again.
    That young lip synching auto tuned gent has a legion of fans across the globe who will shout his praises from the highest rooftop.
    The positive comments would far outweigh the negative, but has that got any bearing on him being any good?

  56. GET A ROOM U 2!!! GEEEZ

  57. and it goes on.
    I like Voodoo Six as a band. I bought Fluke last week and love it.
    I went to see Mike Monroe just to see Voodoo Six play and they were great. Better than Mike Monroe.
    Is anyone going to have a go at me because I thought Mike Monroe was rubbish?
    If not. Then why not.
    Its my opinion and I think Im allowed to have it. I would have the same if I had seen one song even though I stayed for them all.
    When asked by friends what I thought of the show I tell them and no one has given me a hard time over it.
    This is all juvenile stuff. One guy has the balls to say what he wants and everyone jumps on it because its not what they want to hear.
    Grow up.
    The album sounds different to me now and the memory of a great show has been tarnished.
    Not because of a bad review, but because of the immature fans that the band seem to attract.


  58. I've never had a problem with people not liking the band, personally I find The Ramones over-rated and think the Black Crowes should be playing stadiums, but I know I'm a minority with those views.
    And there's a lot more people that hate U2 than like them...

    Anyway, I'm gonna go get a life until someone posts something else worth replying to.
    The zoo was indeed very nice!

  59. Thanks Tanya.
    I'm honestly sorry that this interaction has swayed your opinion of the band, although I'm pleased that it wasn't my review.
    If anything good comes from this thread I hope it is from your comment, and that it encourages grown men and women to take stock of how they behave.
    To go back to my very short review of the band there is nothing in it that attacks anyone personally. So therefore I don't have a problem with it.

  60. I thought it was the rockingest band i have seen yet i saw them in Manchester and bought their album the next day and enjoyed almost every song.. keep up the good work guys!!!

    Jason Skink

  61. I have just seen all this! So funny how people get in such a tiff about things. I have seen VOODOO 6 at the 02 Islington as I'm a huge MM fan. I wasn't much looking forward to the support Bands but when VOODOO 6 came on I was so relieved to see quality in front of me. I felt like I was seeing this unknown Band before they took over the World,might sound strange but I just got that feeling. I'm into singers & the front guy has a great voice and a great aura. Good luck to them.