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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Creepersin - Has risen from the grave

I've got a confession to make.
I'm quite partial to Horrorpunk.
Yep, that cliched subgenre rings my bell.
I don't just occasionally wear a Misfits t-shirt.
I've actually got their albums to.
In fact give me the Misfits, a box set of Universal horror films, and a bottle of wine to drink from a skull shaped goblet and it's Happy Halloween all year round in my dungeon.
I love it for a number of reasons.
One is that unlike death metal no one who likes horror punk lacks a sense of humour.
When the singer howls that he wants to fuck a corpse under a blood red moon he doesn't actually mean it, and a play date to burn a church down is definitely not pencilled into his diary for a week on Tuesday.
It's all b-movie shlock horror taken to the max, and that tickles me.
So when Marcus Carcass of the rather splendid 13 Tombs gave me the heads up that US band Creepersin had an ep available to download for free I was all over it, and I wasn't disappointed.
There's no getting away from the Misfits influence on the band, but they cast such a large shadow that no one gets to creep completely out from under it.
The good thing for Creepersin though is that as the Misfits don't really do too much any more, and even when they do it could be argued that the bands who emulate them do it better, and that's the case here with 'Has risen from the grave'.
What you get here is five slices of Halloween pumpkin pie laced with some Ed Wood flavouring, and who wouldn't want a portion of that?
I've already heard the criticism that we have heard all this before, and we have, but just like the Ramones I don't get tired of it, and judging by the ongoing survival of the scene I suspect that plenty of people would agree.
You can get it here.


  1. you regularly criticizd cliched wasnt that long ago you took rip out of voodoo why change your tune now?.maybs like me you now find coventional metal boring,and hence why i now listen to the norweigan black/metal scene.and it aint all corpse fucking lol,some of it is as punk as darkthrone and burzum

  2. My tune hasn't changed at all. I don't like the cliched aspect of heavy metal, but think the cliched aspect of horrorpunk is rather entertaining.
    What the fuck is so hard for people to understand about others having different opinions.
    It's two different cliches.
    One I think is funny and entertaining the other I don't.
    I have friends who love Death/Black metal and dislike sleazy punk like the New York Dolls, Heartbreakers etc.
    They don't mind that I have diffferent tastes to them and I don't mind that they have different tastes to mine.
    Darkthrone do nothing for me and I've not heard Burzum. So having noy heard them I can't pass comment.
    Still think Voodoo Six live are a cliche too far.

  3. was a mistake of mine previously to think that all the metal bands were clichef tongue hanging out corspe paint cliches or denim clad biker jacket types.metal to me is far more universal than punk or indie.metal now has at least 30 subgenres or more.and ranges from the beautiful symphonic black metal of burzum and to the full on ear blasting asssult of cannibal favouritr type has to be progressive metal and celtic metal,good on the soul and the ears after an ear bashing of Watain

  4. voodoo six i admit are was like watching Bad News lol,remember them

  5. Well punk to me is more of an attitude and that means that ska bands, metal bands, graffiti artists, poets and more can all be described as punk.
    Bad News are indeed the Dogs B's, but they are deliberately a joke. Seen them at Donnington the year they played.
    I don't think all metal bands are cliched rubbish. I've seen my share of them and many are well worth lending an ear to, but others fall too close to the Spinal tap/Bad News deal without noticing it and I can't be arsed with that sort of stuff.
    I'm also not a muso. So I don't have that same appreciation for people shredding as others do.

  6. exactly same sentiments as me.punk aint shouty vocals and soaped up spikes,its an attitude that i learnt way back when i used to go to school,eg i wpuld wear make up just to wind up conventional society.yes i saw bad newd at donnington too and yeah they were a joke and never meant to be serious.but you have a valid point about spinal tap-ish metal.too many power metsl bands are into stonehenge conan the barbariam imagery,especially Manowar "die metal,fist your hands in the air yeaaah".im serious here,power metal is intentionally cliche ridde.

  7. Manowar is the sort of a band that I wouldn't have a problem with. They know what they are doing. It's all over the top bombast with tongues firmly in cheek.
    You could have another band doing similar and waving the hammer of Thor about, but they are unintentionally cliched and therefore crap in my opinion. Then again that's all subjective though.
    I'm also not a geat fan of the UK82 brigade of punk. There are exceptions, but in the main I think that punk got derailed to an extent and then found itself in the soaps and spikes rut that is now the stereotypical worldview. Now how are Talking Heads and Crass punk bands, but they are.

  8. . punk to me began with franz kafka and brecht ;) and the talking heads and crass are punm because they were a free thinking no holds barred bands.crass were more punk in terms of attitude and thinking.and crass alwas classed themselves as punk but when they sang punk is dead,well it confused many of the uk82 punks,but not me.people never understood crass,but i did.

  9. you must be psychic as im wearing my steve ignorant tour tee shirt at the moment lol

  10. I would got further back than that, but would also include Kafka and Brecht in my understanding of what punk is.
    There's a post furtrher back that covers some of my thoughts on the subject. It's part of a post about a BBC radio documentary that was highlighting the artistic impact on punk that the French had.


  12. have a lighthearted moment.go and blast some satyricon on youtube.its a song called k.i.n.g