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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

AC/DC - River Plate movie premier competition

Not a bad comp from AC/DC for their new rock gig movie

'The World Première of AC/DC Live At River Plate is taking place at HMV Hammersmith Apollo on 6th May. ALL FIVE BAND MEMBERS WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE!'

'To be entered into the draw for one of 150 pairs of tickets for this once in a lifetime event, simply answer the question below correctly.' and here's the link to the competition page with the question.
The answer is Brazil by the way.


  1. since flick of the switch,the material they produced was overblown pomp,but the last slbum was a keen follower of them but wish johnston would stop singing like a constipated budgie when he sings live

  2. I was at the Flick of the Switch gig in Edinburgh. It was the last I seen them for many years as I felt it was a case of diminishing returns live. Fastway supported them. Remember them? Pete Way of UFO, Fast Eddie Clarke of Motorhead and the guy who fronts Flogging Molly now.
    I think that was about the third time I had seen Johnston fronting them and he did indeed prefer to sing like a 'constipated budgie' instead of rolling out his Geordie era vocals.
    However the last gig in Hampden was a real surprise. For the first time, for me, he was actually singing. Using a bit of blues and even a dash of soul in the delivery instead of the screaming. It was spot on and while some claim he can't belt it out like he used to I prefer his more restrained style.

  3. I'll see if I can ressurect the review and post it.

  4. yes i would apreciate that.from a conniseur of classic rock i say that gillan is the best,but the master of blues rock is ol coverdale