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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Urban Voodoo Machine update re Glasgow

As posted on the blog previously The Urban Voodoo Machine were booked to play Glasgow on the 11th of May in the Cathouse.
Some people only appeared to know about the show through reading it here or on posts I made on Facebook.
The promotion work seems to be limited to a very small mention on a flyer that mainly featured bands not of UVMs ilk.
To be completely frank I doubt many of the supporters of the rock bands featured on the flyer would have much time for the Urban Voodoo Machine.
It seemed a strange set up.
So it was no real surprise when the promoters pulled the gig.
It was stated that it was down to a lack of ticket sales.
(I'm going to rant about that and other things very soon)
Now the lack of ticket sales can be down to three things.
One is that no one generally gives a toss about the band in question.
Second is that the gig may be overpriced and in times of hardship people just can't afford what is a luxury expenditure.
and thirdly the lack of ticket sales could be down to no one knowing feck all about the gig.
In this case everything would indicate the third reason.
The band have had rave reviews for their live show, their debut album, and now with the imminent release of another album the mainstream press seem to be getting into a bit of a froth about that to.
The gig itself was priced at a tenner to. So not a bank breaking figure in my opinion.
Anyway, instead of taking this lying down a friend - Kyle of the band Filthy Little Secret, and myself got in touch with the band and offered to find them an alternative venue.
Easier said than done.
Kyle has worn his fingers to the bone emailing venues and yesterday I walked miles and miles hassling people face to face.
Thankfully the manager of the band was also hitting contacts in Glasgow and today could announce that the gig is now going ahead in a venue called 'The Bay'.
I sincerely hope our collective never say die attitude will be rewarded by a good turn out and personally my faith in the live music scene is somewhat restored.
So do me a favour. Please tell anyone and everyone who is within travelling distance of this gig to get down there.
For the effort all we can offer them is the time of their lives.


  1. Without people like you and Kyle, there would be NO music scene....period!! You guys fucking RAAWWKK!!!!! Rockson

  2. Thanks Chris.
    If people all pulled together we could all have so much more. I posted a bit about this and barely anyone has bothered to punt it on.
    How long does it take to link to a blog on FB, or cut and paste something.
    One person spreading the word shouldn't stop at the ear the dates and times have been whispered into, but then travel to the next and the next.
    I'm not giving up though.

  3. Interesting stuff. I am with the Media Whores, whom you reviewed a gig and our debut album favourably recently and we tried for a slot with UVM as we feel we would have complimented them and the night perfectly. But as you have found, promotion and contact was not good! In fact I'm still waiting.
    Anyway what time are UVM on at bay? & is there any support?
    See you there, Ally (Media Whores)

  4. Did you contact the band/management direct or was it with TripleG?
    The manager of UVM has been very cool to deal with.
    I got the message on FB asking for a support slot for teh Bay and said I would check if time wise it would be possible. It wasn't and I said that. Not sure who it was in the band that it was to though. It was in a public thread and not private messaging.
    Never the less I'll publicly say that I think you guys put on a great show and if anyone is looking to book you then I'd give it a big thumbs up.
    I've been trying, and failing, to write something that conveys how I feel about what i see as a downturn in the support of live music recently, but poor promotion and lack of communication from promoters is a problem.

  5. Hi yeah meant to say UVM manager was good.
    The probs arise, as you say, with poor promotion and the venues & bookers seemingly not caring about the gigs and replying etc.
    Anyway thanks for the kind words about the Media Whores - we are in pivo pivo, Glasgow on 22nd May or for any bikers out there, at a bike show in Fife on 21st May! Will mail you.
    See you tomorrow. Ally