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Monday, 18 April 2011

Lords of Altamont - Midnight to 666

Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Because in dark corners of the world bands like The Lords of Altamont exist.
They want to get fucked up, they want you to get fucked up, and if they could press a button that would set the world alight and bring on a rock and roll apocalypse then don't even delude yourself for a second that they wouldn't press it, and press it hard.
From the sixties onwards there has always been bands like this.
The mighty MC5 out of Detroit and Iggy with his Stooges are just the tip of an impressive iceberg of debauched delinquency.
They took some rock and roll, they took some drugs, they took exception to just about everything, and then they took their angst and threw it in your face while insisting that you danced to it to.
So be warned. All this and more is trapped in the grooves of Midnight to 666.
It's a Pandoras box of illicit delights. One that needs to be opened as within it is a historical mystery tour that needs to be unleashed into the world.
From the Motor City to the Bowery the bands just kept coming and Lords of Altamont are the dark princes of the current scene that keep pumping black blood through its arteries.
If what MTV is spewing out is matter then this is the anti matter. The opposing force. The yang to the yin.
It's what serves to provide balance and without it we would succumb to the endless onslaught of mediocrity that threatens to relentlessly engulf us.
Buy this album and be part of the solution and not the problem.

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