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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Urban Voodoo Machine are coming to town.

I love it when people mix things up about a bit. Bust out from the neat little boxes that others would prefer that they remain in.
One of the bands who do that are The Urban Voodoo Machine.
I first heard of them over on a psychobilly blog although they're not a psychobilly band and since then I've been waiting patiently for them to play live in a dive near me.
Now that time is here. May the 11th in the Cathouse in Glasgow.
So if you like a bit of Tom Waits, some New Orlean jazz. some Johnny Cash. some Rhythm and blues and even horror b-movies then this band are for you. I expect you to be there.
I also will not accept any excuses about missing being told about it as I'm going to put a wee poster for the gig up on the right of the blog until the day of the show.
Apart from Glasgow the band are also playing Brighton on the 5th, Belfast on the 6th, Birmingham on the 12th. York on the 13th, Leamington Spa on the 14th and then a homecoming gig in London on the 17th. So get your arses down the front.
Click on the pic to enlarge and see details.

I'm very pleased to announce that an interview with this fantastic band has just been arranged.

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