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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thank dog it's Friday

It's a busy busy busy kick off to the weekend this Friday.
Glasgow has Pivo Pivo hosting Welsh rave nutters Sicknote who have been described as 'a slick hybrid of Aphex Twin, The Prodigy and The Happy Mondays with an added dose of throbbing techno and banging live drums.
They're another of those bands who on paper make no sense, but live will blind-side you with what they have to offer.
The bonus is that there is also more bands than you can shake a stick at in support.
The Girobabies. Loki, The Sneaky Russians, Louie and Pablo Eskimo to be exact.*
Tickets for this are £6.50
In Kilmarnock 'Upstairs at Jollys' are putting on a hoe-down. Straw on the floor, Jack Daniels and hillbilly action a plenty.
If you don't know where it is then set 8 Langlands Street into your sat nav or i-phone app.
If you don't have any of them then follow someone wearing leather chaps and a stetson and you will find it, but make sure it's the chaps and stetson combo. If it's just the leather chaps then you might get a rather different and unexpected evenings entertainment.
Last but not least is the Fole ep launch night in Su Casa. That's in Ayr for those who haven't been reading the rave reviews in this blog.
It's a fiver to get in and apart from Fole you get Brown Bear and the Bandits playing plus another couple of acts.
If anyone want to mention other events in the comments then jump in.

*Who started this shaking of sticks at bands and what does it actually mean?

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