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Friday, 23 September 2011

Grabbed my Warhollian 15 minutes of fame

I got a nice little mention in the local press this week.
It's in Little Fires column that goes out in the Kilmarnock Standard, Irvine Herald and Ayrshire Post.
While those who know me will attest that I usually shy away from the limelight (unless drunk) I feel quite happy about this.
Maybe I've just got to an age that I feel that my efforts working in the background deserve a little publicity.
Maybe I just want my moment in the sun.
I don't know, but I feel a tad proud about this rather than the usual crushing embarrassment that seems to be my default setting.
So thank you very much Little Fire aka Jamie for the kind words. I think we may have a wee fan club of mutual admiration going on here.


  1. Ouch. That was fast.
    Four minutes from the post going up to the first quick fire response.
    I know that I said that I wouldn't allow anonymous posts, but I also added that I would be open to making exceptions and this is worthy.
    I mean come on. Not one spelling mistake and grammatically correct.
    Just by managing that they have displayed a great deal more intelligence than the normal 'negative creep' *does.
    I now it is short and there isn't a lot to it, but I would call it concise and to the point.
    There's not a hint of a ramble in there and there's certainly no room for the comment to be misconstrued.
    Keep up the good work.

    *(I threw that in as the anniversary of Nirvanas 'Nevermind' is upon us)

  2. Is there going to be a review of the bands who appeared in the Monkey Bar?

  3. I missed most of it. So no real review, but heres some thoughts about who we did see.
    Athos - Good solid post grunge style. Liked the vocals and delivery. Mid set it was getting a bit samey, but rallied for the final song. I'd prefer to hear a bit more shading, but on saying that variations in sound are maybe more obvious on studio recordings.
    I seen Soundgarden once and it was a one dimensional wall of sound whereas the album they were touring (Superunknown) was a multitextured affair.
    I enjoyed their set.
    ThisFamiliarSmile - I doubt anyone could criticise their set.
    Passionate, driven, loads of hooks and singalong moments. A stadium band who aren't playing stadiums.
    Fatherson - I've seen them play a blinder before and they were trying their damndest to do it again, but the sound was shocking. Everything was drowning out the vocals and any subtleties in the music was lost.
    Less is sometimes more when it comes to mixing.
    Mid set I left as I seen no reason to stay.
    This should have been the moment when they played to a hometown crowd and left them knowing that they were about to go onto bigger things, but the sound sabotaged that to a degree.
    However I got a message later that night to say that 5 mins after leaving the sound guy was releaved of his duties and the young guy who had done Athos and ThisFamiliarSmile took over and everything clicked into place.
    So I know wish I'd hung on a bit, but I'm glad that Fatherson got to show people how good they are.
    Honourable mentions have to go to Brown Bear and Tragic OHara who I missed, but everyone I spoke to raved about.

  4. Like I said before - about time you had public acknowledgement of your writing talents. Nice to see other journalists think the same way. Keep it up and ignore the obtuse dolts, or in our homeland vernacular - 'thick as mince twats'. You're doing a good job.. D.

  5. I think it's brilliant to meet someone who is passionate enough about music to share their passion with other people, many enjoy music but most don't take the time to write about it to convey what they really appreciate like you do. You've got a great talent for writing, far more than the 'scribbler' you described yourself as being, it's great reading! There are always going to be some people who are less than pleased with the reviews they or their friends receive or perhaps they take irk at people trying to do positive things or make their opinions known to the world but it matters little. Constructive words go a long way. Anonymous posting doesn't. If someone puts out information they should put their name on it. Be proud of your words, they are from the heart.

  6. Thank you for the positive comments. It makes a change. :)

  7. Out of curiosity I looked your blog up from the link in the local paper and since friday I have read every post and comment.
    There is so much written covering so many subjects that I don't really know what to say.
    Many of the bands are new to me but I have been searching for them on youtube and I am rarely disappointed with what I hear.
    The political comments have left me feeling ashamed at how I have turned a blind eye to what is going on in the world.
    So thank you.
    I will be reading this religiously and now other blogs to.
    Its a whole new world that has been opened up.
    Give yourself a pat on the back.
    DR (Irvine)

  8. Thank you again.
    I'm very pleased that you like it. If somewhat embarrassed.

  9. Very good blog. Very eclectic
    I would bet money that the people who cant handle the criticism and are abusive are a vocal minority.
    Ignore them.