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Monday, 5 September 2011

Sunday Session

(Sorry, but once again this update is aimed at those local to my area)

I'm thinking of starting a Sunday afternoon session where acoustic acts with a laid back vibe can play to an audience of music lovers in a relaxed environment.
Nothing heavy. Just simply the antidote to a long hard week, or a gentle pick me up for the day after the night before.
Hopefully by having it on a Sunday afternoon it will also provide those who find it difficult to commit to night time events an opportunity to get out and sample some live music to.
I've set up an events page on facebook and within an hour over ten people have commited to it and that isn't too bad when I consider this is a Monday morning and most people are still unaware of anything going on.
So if anyone is in the Ayrshire area please feel free to use the link here and check it out. Spread the word a bit even.
No pressure, but it would be nice to see people not only saying that they want to attend, but acting more proactively and sending invites out to others so that the idea can gather a bit of pace.

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