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Friday, 2 September 2011

Alice Cooper - I'll bite your face off.

Bit of a classic rock tune here that bodes well for the forthcoming 'Welcome 2 my Nightmare' album release.
Maybe not the return to his seventies form that some would have liked, but it's got a bit of that vibe and manages to capture enough of the eighties sound to sway the younger fans that jumped on board Alice's wagon during his hair metal years.
If the intent was to keep everyone happy then Alice has managed it, but maybe at the expense of going balls out with a real take it or leave it 'here I am' return to form.
The real shocker is on the b-side as 'Caffeine' delivers everything that 'I'll bite your face off'' falls short of doing.
If you want classic Alice Cooper then this is it.
So fingers crossed that this is the dawning of a new era for Alice as a studio artist as the world could always do with a short sharp shock of Mr Cooper.
There's no doubting his pull as a live act and I have never seen him play anything less than a spectacular set, but it would be pretty cool to see him riding high in the charts showing up how vacuous much of the modern rock and roll acts really are.
Ooooof. Now I can't wait for 'Welcome 2 my Nightmare'.

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  1. I'm a fan of 39 years now and for the first time since hearing the beginning of "The Last Temptation" album I can say that I love what I hear at first listen. A clear 70's throwback but with something for today and the trademark Alice lyrics. I have no idea how the album will be received and sincerely hope people's expectations are not too high but I am certain that this album is two or three steps ahead of his last 3-4 releases and therefore deserves serious attention. Alice - I'm coming to see you twice in October and expect the same as usual, a fantastic gig! You are "The Master"!