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Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Tango Rhums - Roundabouts

Post punk seems to get referenced at the drop of a hat these days.
Add a bit of angular guitar and the mop topped bearded twenty something wearing a cardigan and skinny fit jeans is the very man who is championing the post punk sound, but what was/is the post punk sound.
Can it be defined?
If you want to pedantically de-construct the term it's simply what followed on from punk, and then you have to ask what the hell punk was.
So anyway, isn't everything that followed on from the late seventies post punk?
It will be to some people.
Never mind all that though because here I am to tell you what it is, or what I think it is to be more exact.
It was the point when the people influenced by the original punk bands used them as a catalyst to leap into the great unknown, and if you want to accept that as the loose meaning then The Tango Rhums are the band who are playing post punk in 2011.
This could be down to them having their feet firmly planted in the punk era and augmented by a cumulative understanding and appreciation of everything that came before and after the so called year zero moment.
Or possibly that's just my take on it, but regardless of the subjective nature of music appreciation what we have here on 'Roundabouts' is a pretty damn fine blast of eclecticism matched with an exuberant understanding of how to make a toe tap.
'You ate the last Scotch pie while listening to Joy Divison' indeed.
Highly recommended if you are tired of the large percentage of identical auto tuned pap that is increasingly throttling originality in the world of rock and roll.

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