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Friday, 2 September 2011

Fountain of Wayne - Sky full of holes

Whatever happened to Fountains of Wayne?
For many a year they released some lovely jumpy power pop and carved themselves a nice little niche.
Now they are back with 'Sky full of holes' and doing their best to sound like Squeeze.
It's caught me off guard a bit as I thought I was going to hear one thing and got another.
I'm not sure I even like this.
On the plus side they do Squeeze really well.
They also do a decent job of referencing the sound of the Beatles, but vocally there's a bit of the Gallagher brothers in there and that can be a bit distracting.
So while I'm tapping my toe and nodding my head to this a small voice keeps whispering that there's something wrong and I can't grab at what it is.
It's got me a bit discombobulated.
It's got hooks a plenty and everything is in place, but I just can't get away from questioning why I'm not fully embracing it..........oh wait.
'Peace sign on the window, Japanese caaaaaaaaaaar'
Oh fuck the Liam Galagher intonation is now doing my head in.
That's it. In every single song I keep hearing snippets of Liam doing his crap Lennon impression and it's killing the mood.
Even Liam doesn't sound like that anymore.
I just got it as it's reached a tipping point.
I think I'll just use this as a coaster and wait until they get back on track as there not enough saving graces on it to persuade me to hang in there and see what returns I would get with repeated listens.

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