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Friday, 2 September 2011

Jinx Lennon, but only if you want him.

Every once in a while someone previously unknown to you comes along and pulls the rug out from under your feet and flips you down the rabbit hole.
Jinx Lennon did that to me.
A mate had put on a show and asked me along, and although he had waxed lyrically - along with others - about Jinx Lennon I'll admit that on having a quick google search my world wasn't shaken, never mind stirred, but seeing Jinx play was like a gateway drug in the sense that it opened the door and gave me a glimpse of the lyrical genius of the man and led me to wanting more and more and more.
I was dropped hard onto the road to Damascus and enlightenment was mine.
So here I am in the present giving Taxi Man Face a spin and wondering if I can pull off a Jinx Lennon gig in my home town.
The offer is there, and I have a good relationship with a local venue, but the problem is that no matter how many shit hot reviews Jinx has had in the national press, no matter how many times he's played with Christy Moore and no matter how many albums he has sold internationally through his own DIY label, the truth is that getting people through the door to appreciate what is to them an unknown quantity is an uphill struggle around these here parts.
So in the next couple of days I'm going to sort out a facebook events page where people can register their interests and as soon as it hits an acceptable number of people wishing to attend I'll get it sorted.
So this is the opening salvo.
If you are in Ayrshire and fancy seeing the man, the legend, that is Jinx Lennon then you better be prepared to say so as faint hearts never won the day.


  1. You, my good man, are a glutton for punishment.
    I thought you were going to stop promoting in the face of the apathy that is everywhere?

  2. I know.
    What can I say.
    I just don't want to see live music/entertainment become a thing of the past.
    Some will say that it isn't, but I've seen the dwindling audiences, and using the big chart toppers success to argue that we aren't in a state of decline doesn't wash with me.
    I suppose I want to man the barricades until something comes along to reignite the excitement in people again.
    If we don't keep putting on gigs then there will be a break from what we had and the thread might not get picked up.
    A scary thought.
    I spread the word about gigs all the time on facebook and word of mouth.
    I wish others would to.

  3. I suppose that I should add that one of my comrades in bringing music to the masses (sic) has fallen.
    Sandie Noone has folded Phoenix Promotions (Glasgow) after taking too many hits from the armies of apathy.
    So for all you people who rewarded her efforts in bringing bands to Glasgow by saying you would attend a gig, and then didn't, I would like to extend a big fuck you very much.
    Thank you for hammering another nail into the coffin.