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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Anonymous comments

The posting of anonymous comments on the blog has risen over the last few months, and while I firmly believe in free speech I struggle with those who wish to exercise it from the shadows.
So I have decided that I will no longer accept them.
Exceptions can be made though.
If an individual has a valid reason for concealing their identity then email me first and those reasons will be considered and the comment may be allowed.
If however it is just an illogical and vitriolic attack on an opinion that is rooted in an unwillingness to allow others (myself) to state said opinion, then waste your time hammering on the keys as much as you want as without a name it isn't going to be upped.


  1. need gigs in scotland! signed to a scots label,but they r 2 busy to promote me

  2. I'll do a wee bit based around your reverbnation page and put it up here on the blog. I'll get aviator played tomorrow and a mention on air that you are on the outlook for gigs to.