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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Imagineers – See as I say

I've written five reviews for the Imagineers ep and deleted them all.
The reason being that none of them are doing the band justice.
Every time I think I've managed to put into words how good this is I give it another listen and a bit more is revealed and there I am back at square one.
In admitting my lack of skills to wax lyrical about this I'm hoping that I can convey how bloody good it is.
One minuting I'm getting the feel for a Scots version of the Courteeners, then the Coral creep in before Scott Walker springs to mind.
Then there's this, and then that.
My head is spinning with ideas, but if I put them all down then they might sound like sensory overload spewing out on the page.
I'm up to my elbows in reference points, but none of them are really going to imprint an idea into your head.
There's some 60's psychedelia filtered through the madchester high. There's also the sound of rock and roll drifting into the Liverpool docks that led to the musical landscape of the UK changing forever.
This is like trying to pin the tail on the donkey, but the donkey has left the building and no one has told me.
If they can keep this level of quality up over the course of a full album then they are going to blow peoples minds.

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