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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Dollyrots - Arrested Youth

Straight out of the gate The Dollyrots impressed me with their snotty poppy punk.
They had it all.
The ability to play, harmonize and write pop punk ditties that dispensed of much of the sugar and instead had a bit of a bite.
I fully expected to hear quite a lot about them, and I did, but it wasn't what I expected.
Lookout Records were having problems.
Green Day, the big Lookout cash cow, and other bands who had previously been on the label had taken back the rights to their material leaving them strapped for money to finance the business and The Dollyrots were left hanging in limbo.
One album out and nowhere to go. A bit of a false start for them.
Luckily for them though a copy of that album had been passed to Joan Jett and her label - Blackheart records - picked them up and went on to released 'Because I'm Awesome' and then follow that up with 'A little messed up' in 2010.
That album didn't exactly set the world on fire though, and things seemed to become a bit quite on the Dollyrots front, but now I know why because they're back with a new single and ready to go it alone on their own label with an album called 'Kickstarter'.
There's even talk of a split single looming on the horizon with 'Bowling for Soup'.
They've been busy bees when I looked away.
The new single features three tracks that pick up exactly where they left off.
Think Joan Jett and The Blackhearts mixed with Voice of the Beehive and add a dash of 924 Gilman Street to it all and you are in the Dollyrots ballpark.
A better comparison would be 'The Chubbies', but it's a bit pointless in me mentioning them as I seem to be in a minority in the UK in my admiration for their material.

PS - If anyone is interested in pledging for the release of Kickstarter then copy the link below into your browser and get to it.
There's lots of different pledges that can be made and the payment is simple if you have an Amazon account.
I've pledged $15 for the CD a week before general release, although knowing the mail service in the UK that will mean I'll get it about a month after it is in the stores.

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