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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Keep it in the family - The Main Event.
Tonight between 8pm and 10pm GMT my son will be doing a trial run on a local radio show with the intention of becoming one of its presenters.
He will be mainly focussing on classic rock, but will no doubt throw in some twists.
I hope that people will listen in and enjoy.
I also wish him luck. That's ma boy.

Well it started late due to tec issues, but worked well after that. Started with the Doors and The Grateful Dead before educating the masses with Dylan and Seeger. Then there was some Creedence before he came up to date with the Imagineers and The View.
Finished on Bowies Five years.
There's already some praise building up on facebook and he is being offered a weekly slot. Nice one.
Feels like I'm passing on some sort of torch.
Now I'll have to listen to all the pupil becomes the master BS from him I suppose.

1 comment:

  1. Just started reading the blog and like it.
    Came in late for the radio show. My cup of tea. Exactly what I needed.
    Nice mix of songs.