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Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Bay (Glasgow)

After waxing lyrical about how cool Su Casa in Ayr is I seen this today from The Bay in Glasgow.
Bands...Are you looking to do a DIY gig? @ The Bay we offer saturday nights to any 4 bands with NO HIRE FEE (and there never will be!) providing there is 4 bands, we cover PA and Engineer costs, we also give you printed tickets to sell for as much or as little as you would like..oh, and..YOU KEEP ALL TICKET MONIES :D Im sure you will all agree, this is a stupidly good offer. Sat 1st Oct Is free along with the 26th Nov, 3rd Dec, 10th dec and Xmas eve! interested? msg here! Fee x

This is how all venues of this size should be run.
If they end up cornering the market in providing live music then others venues only have themselves to blame.
Good luck to them.

142 West Regent Street, G2 2RQ Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Tel - 0141 248 7648
Email -
Facebook -

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